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Just moved off of the reservation into a small non - tribal community


I truly feel indigenous! it is a very different feeling and a period of adjustment to get used to. All rules and regulations are different. Once people get to know you though, they actually begin treating you like a human being! hey, we are not that bad after all, nothing like T.V., but they still expect us to have the fish and fireworks during the summer!

Why did I move? I could not stand seeing my relatives destroying themselves anymore, I could not fix the problem while living in the community due to the stress, now I have the time to think and still be able to give my input to add to the healing process.

I can never forget my indigenous ways that I was taught though! Those ways have made us very special and our input is very valuable to the surrounding communities.

Ms. Ada

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Welcome! We are very interested in creating a loving community that is connected. There are many fine relatives here. Thanks for starting this and reaching out.
Good morning,

Thank you for making me feel welcome. I am very greatful for being raised and taught the ways of my ancestors on how to survive. There is still so much to learn and so much to teach so that a rich culture does not become exstinct, it is an honor to be able to share my visions as well as my teachings.
Sometimes we need to help ourselves first. When loved ones destroy for themselves it drains us, it's like pouring out fresh water into a dirty well. As you gather strength and purify yourself you will have lots to offer, let it take the time it takes. Connect with others that have done the same for feedback and to get a boost and new ideas. Hold your head high!

Many blessings!
Hi Lena
Please share what you learned.

with love
Adapt or perish, now as ever, is nature's inexorable imperative.
H. G. Wells

Take the Photo Port Heritage mythical Train Journey to Md-Pa Heritage Port at Susquehanna River--CB confluence ? the photo album 01 and 02 are posted in the Facebook community page,
"Heritage Music Circle Twin Project Chesapeake Bay"

Four World vision of the Native Americans spirit of those Native Ams who were once here, and still here in very small numbers today is here for you to expereince in Nature's Temple.
If you are of good heart, you could always choose to be a living testimony.. A living testimony is a noble cause for when we walk as a living testimony we open up the path for more people to see a people in their sacred walk, and with the opening of the heart of man comes more people trying to restore what has been lost... some people greet the day with sage facing the sun.. If someone did that regardless of where they lived and chose to be a living testimony more hearts would awaken within the soul, more hearts holding sacred means there comes growth...

well hi Ms Ada, I hope you find beauty on your path.

Hi Ada! I am wondering how things are going for you now that you have had some time in your small non-tribal community? I hope this community has been able to receive you well and open to learning from you and the tribal ways! Does this community remember to gift you and bless your path? With peace and love, Susan
Blessed are the people whose leaders can look destiny in the eye without flinching but also without attempting to play God.
Henry A. Kissinger
Hello Ada,
Tia here,,, I live in North Seattle, welcome... there are a lot of getting use to in the big O city.. feel free to contact me,,, have some fun,,, your input would be much appreciated here and elsewhere... How you felt about what was happening in the closed society of the rez is how my Grandfather felt and when I went back and stayed and work got to feel the same way... so here is a wonderful opportunity to grow in the Human Family of the Four World's and beyond..
Blessing's All Around
Tia Night Eagle
Cree/Blackfoot/Ojibwe/French/British Isle's,,, Kinaskomitin Nimis,,, All Our Relation's
Ms Ada, your wisdom and knowledge is needed now more than ever before.I can well understand why your brothers and sisters on the reservation are having such a hard time.Look at what has happened to this sacred land in the space of just 300 years or so.Perhaps when you have the strength you can find a way to help them....blessings...

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