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DYC Daniel Romolliwa's Page


My name is Daniel Romolliwa I am of French Canadian and African descent. On june 4th, 1981 I was fortunate to be born into a metaphysical family that always encouraged the questioning of all things. I have lived all over Canada, even as far north as one can go by road, and I never stay in one place for to long as I consider myself to be some what of a wild horse, a free spirit if you will that refuses to conform to any form of slavery that society and the general public have willingly accepted as acceptable, from fluoridated water, to unnecessary vaccines, and meaningless and thankless jobs, to the extreme over use of fossil fuels, and paper money backed by nothing other than false promises just to name a few conditions that I stand ready to challenge.

I’m a certified personal trainer, lyricist and a black belt martial artist with 15 years experience and counting. I hold an honorary black belt in both Taekwon-do and Judo, and an official black belt in Shobudo which is a combination of joint locks, strikes, submissions and chokes. Although I enjoy and feel it necessary to keep these skills polished in my spare time, this is a battle of consciousness and martial arts is simply another path of many in the development of mind/body/spirit. There are many paths to the top of the mount.

Between the ages of 6 and 10, I had a very profound experience which triggered one of many to come and found myself in absolute tears starring out my family’s living room window. I was gazing into the night sky and had an overwhelming sense of missing my home! I have no clue now or at that time where this home is all I knew is that I missed it deeply. I was already beginning to see that the world was not as it seemed and that something was wrong, and I had many questions some of which have been answered and some of which have not been answered even to this day. I was a very aware child and had very intelligent self conversation that when looking back on it, is far beyond what the average 6 year old should be comprehending and or thinking about. I remember looking at the cover of time magazine at the age of 8 and wondering how money was printed, who printed it, and why some people didn’t have food and others did? I developed a great intolerance for lies at a very young age upon discovering one year or so later that poverty existed due to greed and greed only as opposed to the lack of resources. Another great lie!!

I am many things to many people an angel to some, a monster to others. I am mostly seen as a monster to the status quo, as I am indeed an enemy of the current system and way of doing things which in my opinion is completely upside down and on it’s head. However change is the only constant in life and a change is indefinite and upon us for better or worse, as myself and others at DYC work towards the betterment of all things here on planet earth.

Time is now, and during this time it’s equally important to heal the minds of the youth it’s important that they understand it’s not them who are upside down, it’s the current state of the system that has failed them, and not the other way around.


What are you deeply passionate about?

I’m deeply passionate about learning and evolving as a human being, as a creative mind, as an example of what can be, and what is possible. In other words I’m passionate about life in general and the mysteries that surround us in every form and fashion. Now if I had to narrow this down it would translate it’s self into music and acting, as I am both a lyricist and actor. My music grows and matures as I too grow and mature, this is the natural evolution of things.

How can DYC manifest that passion?

Hands down DYC is a perfect platform for this very thing. DYC doesn’t exclude others based on personal beliefs, nor does it exclude any subject matter or topic, as all topics and all subject matter stem from ones level of consciousness to begin with! DYC has great potential to link like minds, and to remind people that for lack of a better choice of words, having a positive message for the youth and speaking out in positive way can still be sexy and cool!

What can we make DYC the best at?

DYC has the potential to be one of the best online communities for the youth and anyone one else that is looking for more substance, than what’s found on mainstream outlets. DYC can be a place where the youth can go from confusion and distraction, to understanding and meaning. A demonstration that thinking in a different way than the old paradigm did which so obviously isn’t working anymore, and conducting ourselves in a different way on this planet than we have in the past, doesn’t translate to something negative and scary but rather something that is needed if we wish to restore harmony in all of it’s many forms, both on this planet and in the hearts and minds of the human species.

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At 10:55am on November 1, 2021, Julie Mewis said…

Hello .

I am Mrs. Julie Mewis, an aging widow suffering from long time illness (Esophageal Cancer). I have some important information (charity proposal) for you, May God continue to bless you, Please reply ( for more details.

your sister in the Lord,
Mrs. Julie Mewis.

At 7:05pm on September 21, 2009, Kristin Amber Dawn Maire Hill said…
At 11:44pm on September 20, 2009, Kristin Amber Dawn Maire Hill said…
ahh i need to work on my spelling lol any way have a good night peace
At 11:42pm on September 20, 2009, Kristin Amber Dawn Maire Hill said…
Awsume keep the dream going have you ever heard of the indago children well these children see things and have a firey side they wish to right the world and bring light they are offten labled with beingbad beacuse they speak on what they are truely feeling you were probley missing the confort of the other side now you are bringing those feelings through with the work you are doing on a daily basic if you want you can get a copy of the care and feeding of the indago children by dorren virtue at chapters awsume its good to hear about all your plans i agree we are all a part of the souloution to this worlds current state love light and healing ps im an indago child to we are a highly aware generation with a side stonge willed side we fight for the truth and the right to be who we are love light and healing
At 10:54pm on August 27, 2009, Putsi Marlene Olsen said…
very good looking:0) hope you have your feeling with you? and never use you looking"!!
At 10:51pm on August 27, 2009, Putsi Marlene Olsen said…
its a very good pictures of you:=) I would like a picture od me liek that.))
At 9:06am on August 17, 2009, White-Bear said…
Welcome Brother,
We are all on this path which circles our Mother Earth waiting for your wisdoms, teachings, laughter and questions. We are here with open hearts awaiting yours.
May you walk in beauty
Apache Elder
At 4:46pm on August 16, 2009, Firewoman said…
Sweet, Wa-do (thank you). It is an honor my friend. Hope and love, Firewoman
At 4:40pm on August 16, 2009, Firewoman said…
Wow! Stay strong and free...we treasure you here on FWII. My sons, 2 Hats and Starwalker will send you a friend request as well. They are in the DYC with you. Hope and love, Firewoman
At 3:42pm on August 16, 2009, Tim Collins said…
Hi Daniel,
Welcome to the Four Worlds Social Network. Please explore this ever growing site and share your wisdom, especially in the councils. There are many features and tools that encourage sharing, and I am a resource for helping use the tools for uploading documents and photos/videos. Jon Ramer, site administrator, is another great resource. Your page is yours to customize for sharing your background with the community. Thanks for joining and walk with a good step.



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