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I'm not real sociable, but I have a friend here in northwest tennessee that i've known nigh onto 30 yrs, longer than i've known my kids.  we met in florida in like 1982 - she actually moved up here to TN from FL 5 years before I did, she recommended it was VERY beautiful and wild land and we thought we should live up here too, so we also moved up here ~ I needed to be close to the land, and even though I'm always on Earth even in the middle of the city, I wanted it to be non-human infested land I could hear and see. 

Anyways, we went over to my friends house, as a social gesture.  She loves the dinner party type things in life, she loves New York city and lived there, she was all in the art community in vero beach, FL (her husband is an artist and so was her dad, she is an only child), and she lives a completely different kind of life here cuz it is so quiet.  She wanted to have us over for some ziti & her italian grandma in new york city taught her how to cook italian, it's always a treat, so we went - she got to play act the social dinner party thing, even tho it was just us ya-hoos that were there.  She likes to go out and have lunch, or meet at the local watering hole for a drink - but i don't ever do that stuff with her, although I do like to meet her at the creek in summer and let the boys swim. 

Anyway, so that's what i did today, I got to eat my friend's good italian cooking and have a nice afternoon visiting and also helped her be a little bit a social hostess, too. 

i have to work tomorrow (aka new year's eve), hopefully the doctors will have a brain cell and only work 1/2 a day ... either way, full or 1/2, i'm grateful i have a wonderful job and there is no work on tuesday - no pay, but no work so YAY !!! 

I dream a better work week where I earn the same as i do now working 5 days, but only have to work 4 days ... if i could revamp public school i would have kids go to school 4 days, from like 10 - 2:30.  each day would be for 1 subject only.  Like math on monday, science on tuesday, social skills on wednesday, and reading/language on thursday.  we should all relax more and contemplate and when we do projects it should be stuff we enjoy - cuz we'd be so much better at it.

OK - I didn't have anything much to say and I babbled a pretty good bit - with peace and love xoxoxo ♥♥♥


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