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my shallow desire

i'm just typing away here at work doing medical transcription - i'm SO SLEEPY !!!!  If i didn't have to sit here and type, the picture below is what i would be doing ... i love to nap ♥♥♥ View »


I think this ... program ?  movement ?  idea ?  whatever ya want to call it - i LIKE it xoxoxo ♥♥♥ I try to come up with something every to also be idle no more and take care of EarthM… View »

MARSday weather share 01.08.2013

Tuesday is named for the planet Mars ... i like calling it MARSday xoxoxo It is cold out here in northwest tennessee - kinda chem-traily white-grey hazy cloudy sky.  25F / -3.8C degrees It is su… View »

something i'd never seen

While burning a huge chunk of log yesterday in the south yard, that i'd burnt numerous times before but have never been able to burn it all up yet - it was only a chunk about 2 foot tall and about 3-… View »

SUNday ♥ FIRE ♥ 1 Comment

I took this pic of Fire in our south side yard a year ago.  I took it with my li'l digital camera and the sparks flying upwards are neat.  Also the moon looks all distorted.  I want to… View »

solar panels 1 Comment

This picture is from january 5, twenty-twelve ... our first solar panel array my man created.  I think it's neat that also during the beginning of winter solstice he is playing with the solar pa… View »

bruce lee

I have nothing today - so i stole this off FB ... I believe bruce lee actually did say it, either way - it's a good saying.  i love you.  ♥ View »

... like the fingers of the hand ♥♥♥

I watched this whole hour and a half movie: Brother Chief Phil is amazing, I'm so honored I get to type here. Li'l brother Mayan Chief Wandering Wolf, I'm SO GLAD he go… View »

MERCURYday aka wednesday or HUMPDAY ♥♥♥

I haven't time to contemplate a subject or idea to type here today, flesh it out, think about it, wonder ... I have to work, but I love you and I wanted to pop in and tell you that I have been contem… View »

WE LIVED THRU 2012 1 Comment

What a treat - another day to live in ♥ I did not play here online at all today, rather lived in real Universe - you know from here I'm gona go check out FB - something I read on facebook said "I lov… View »


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