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...there was a beautiful weaving. Its colours, variations in design, skill of intricacies, symbolism, and diversity were the work of a true Master. It had been a gift of love to All from the Master and everyone was given direction in how to care for the beautiful and fragile tapestry. Everyone who looked upon this great weaving marveled in awe and wonderment at how such a magnificent tapestry could have been created. The Master who created the Masterpiece was unknown and mysterious, since They wore a veil, but Their skills and wisdom were known far and wide by all. For a long, long time the tapestry and the Master were given honour and respect and the masterpiece was cared for with much love and tenderness. But, since everyone was becoming so involved with their own pursuits and were beginning to puff up with their own importance, they forgot about the tapestry. Eventually they forgot about the Master who created it also, and they forgot the teachings. The longer time passed, the more everyone pulled away from the 'True Beauty' of the tapestry and from the Master who created it: or, they themselves were creating what they believed was more beautiful, or the more awe inspiring, or intelligent, or powerful; and they came to believe that they were indeed masters themselves and could control all things..... As one might expect after such a long, long time of everyone ignoring and forgetting about the beauty of the tapestry, it was tossed aside and gradually was becoming more and more worn out and faded and was losing its beauty. As the tapestry was falling apart, everyone and everything around them was falling apart too. They looked around and saw the others deteriorating and pulled away and were fearful. They blamed others for the devastation that was going on all around them. The more each one pulled away, the faster the tapestry was coming unraveled. Huge holes were forming where once there had been plush depth, deep colour and magnificent beauty. ... But, all was not lost. There were a few who were recognizing what was happening, who had kept the teachings of 'tapestry care', were and not blaming others for what was happening. Because of their dutifulness, they were given the trust of sharing the teachings with others. That wisdom brought people together, and they all joined hands, and set about to share the teachings with everyone they knew and met. Together they worked to mend the tapestry and to keep the teachings alive. Today we can see them all around us, if we are awake and have eyes to see....
Following Kathryn Donald's words "Following the Honor Way became my focus and passion an is my joy... I practice bringing honor back to all my relations, to myself, my dreams and my vision."

We can no longer be in pain or fear, even as appearances challenge us. We all should remember the power of our inner self and visualize what we want the world to turn into, we all can do it by keeping ourselves in the high frequency vibrations we are able to generate, as joy, love, happiness, positive thinking, affirmations of wellness for us, for nature, for animals, for Mother Earth. Each one of us has a job and is this, we can do really a miracle and be that generation of the prophecy that will return honor, not just for the native peoples but also for the twolegged. CARMEN FUNCIA
This is an important sharing and I too wish to offer a few words of prophecy and visions of the future from my own spiritual tradition. I know that the true Creator of us all and our Heavenly Father honors, cares, provides light and truth to all His children on this earth. He wants us to dream dreams, see visions and know our own personal destiny. The prophet Joel quoting the words of the Lord and speaking of the times in which we live said, " I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and daughters shall prophecy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions. And also upon the servants and upon the handmaids in those days will I pour out my spirit." (Joel 2:28-29). I perhaps know very little and cannot fully appreciate the spiritual barriers and challenges that others have faced, however I do know that my own willingness to continue to patiently, persist and hang onto a clear sense of hope and vision is what motivates my faith and moves me onward. The Kingdom of God is within us and once discovered, it is that vision of one's true purpose that brings joy and stength. I am so grateful to have met in December 2007 Brother Phil and now many others of you. The Fourth Way, and the path of unity with all human-kind is the noble path for a new world and the future. The Creator is leading all who wish to follow that path work together. My spiritual heritage has many traditions and other prophecies and promises that are totally consistent with what you others have said below in other conversations. We are all walking the same path.....maybe our words or our way of expressing it manifests itself diffently but the Spirit is One. It goes perhaps without saying that we have a good number of long struggles ahead in order to bring about this new world. Many will fight against it sometimes not even knowing why they do so. But, for me, I will will continue to hold to the vision I have in my heart because I know that"out of small and simple things are great things brought to pass" My heart knows without doubt that all of the words of our Father will be fulfilled. Mother earth will provide for all who follow this path of unity and reject those who do not. Honor, respect and blessings to all of you my brothers and sisters in this same cause. Brother Greg Jackson
Thank you so very much Brother Greg for this wonderful sharing and your true spirit of brotherhood!
Destruction of the United States of America

Some years ago I was given information of coming changes that will take thousands of lives. The Western North American Continent would be enindated with volcanic & seizmic activity. These would trigger the Yellowstone Super Volcano which in turn would fully awaken the New Madrid Fault along the Mississippi River. The massive earthquake from this would literally cause chain reactions that will crumble buildings in Western Europe. The current measurement scales do not go high enough to measure these events. The city of Washington D.C. would be nothing more than a pile of crumbled concrete, marble, metal, and wood. New York City will share the fate of Washington D.C. There will be survivors and a great number of them will be descended from the First Americans. These events are not to be feared but respected. These things must come in order for Mother Earth to be cleansed. Certainly there will be similar events in other areas of the globe. The Indigenous descended people will have their Mother Earth back to care for in the manner acceptable to Wakan Tanka. ~~ Donald Red Bear Watkins
This poem is one I wrote and was a dream I was given as a wonderful gift from Wakan Tanka.

My Spirit Is Red

Copyright©2006 Donald Red Bear Watkins

Mother Earth called me
And She led me through the woods,
She led me to a crystal stream
She had me kneel to take a look.

The image I saw was not my own
This caught me by surprise,
A snake spirit came unto me
He smiled with a twinkle in His eyes.

He said, the image is you brother
It is your spirit that you see,
Your spirit is Red and no other
I shall set your spirit free.

I represent your rebirth
Your transition is at hand,
Be grateful to Mother Earth
And tread softly upon Her land.

Be thankful to Grandfather
His is Creator of us all,
Be kind to all His creations
And always listen to His call.
Beloved Relatives

I am this. In the future we planned all of it. I know the gulf oil catastrophe is a vent for the New Madrid Fault.

your songstress,
Sister I'd never thought of that. It is a possibility, but the New Madrid Fault is way over due for a major quake.
Thank you for sharing your beautiful dream. Just reading it brings joy and love into my heart.

Keala Nohea said:
Dream . . .

My spirit transcended into what I call the heavenly realm of our Creator. I stood in front of this huge glass building, there were huge glass columns infront of the glass building , , , it was shining like a prisim. Standing infront of the door was a beautiful being that was transparent and also shining like a prisim. Her aura was eminating such pure uncondtional love.
She didn't speak by moving her mouth but through her mind and I heard her and knew what she was saying. She led me into this glass building and upon entering we stood in the forye. Looking out to the back of the building I saw a most amazingly beautiful garden, their were magnificent rainbows everywhere, beautiful and amazing fountains, and flowers that were so amazing in color and the aroma mermiated the air with such sweet perfume. Then I saw the man we call Jesus here on earth and he telling stories to the children, all the beings here were not human form but prisim beings that spoke through their minds. Jesus smiled at me and I was filled with such love, that I never wanted to leave this place of immense beauty and love!
The angel (I called my guide angel) had me follow her into this room and when we entered I was amazed at this room for from the floor to the ceiling were shelves of books, it was so unreal and yet I knew that is was . . . my angel said it was called the room of knowledge. She then led me to another room and this time the room we entered was an amphitheater.
In this room there were many, many other angels. I don't remember much except that they were all filled with unconditional love, but the one thing that made me cry was the music . . . I awoke after this and can't remember the sound of the music, but I know that one day I will remember that beautiful music that filled my entire being with such unconditional love . . . that brought tears to my eyes, and woke me up. When I awaken I had been crying and I wrote everything down.

Peace, joy, harmony and love. Keala Nohea
Brother Bear,
I have no time line. "Why worry, it will probably never happen."
with love

Donald Red Bear Watkins said:
Sister I'd never thought of that. It is a possibility, but the New Madrid Fault is way over due for a major quake.
Four Phases of Conquest
1. Genocide: “deliberate and intentional destruction in whole or in part of an ethnic, racial, religious or national group.” (Wikipedia)
FEAR of Survival

2. Conversion: take away sacred-SELF within natural order context
Codependency: event/process/relationship addiction – lying to survive
Trans-generational Unresolved Anger becomes Displaced anger:
Domestic violence – family unit
Interpersonal violence – general population
Lateral violence – striking out at anyone in proximity

3. Domestication: boarding school and urban relocation
LOSS: Trans-generational trauma & wounded-ness – unresolved ANGER
Mal-adaptive use of alcohol and other drugs
Chemical Dependency: ingestion/substance addiction – numbing the pain

4. Exploitation: of Indigenous land & resources
Victimization: SELF DESTRUCT
Using 5-senses as weapon against sacred-SELF * and others.
*Definition: Air-spiritual; Fire-mental; Water-emotive; Earth-physical; Corn as symbol of food-social/economic well being.
5. Remembering and Awakening Conscience in Indigenous Ceremony: HOPE for healing the Indian Nations
Thank you. Yes, would like to read it.

Thea hollett said:
Quetzalcoatl calls me Wind Talker. We have written a book together of his vision for the future, as yet unpublished. Though I cannot begin to speak all the beauty and love of the Earth that Q has put in his book, I can tell you the most important bits.
The main problem we are facing is how to gather the people of the Earth into one voice. This voice has to be the voice of our hearts, so that we can agree to agree. For this reason, Quetzalcoatl advises the one thing that we can all agree on is water. Do you want clean water? Your yes joins your heart to the hearts of all who know this must be so. Because water is the physical manifestation of love. And Quetzalcoatl advises us to rebuild all the watersheds on Earth. A reading of the book will show you it is possible. I cannot begin to outline all here. The second thing Q advises is that there will never be a time when there will be peak power over the Earth. The closest we can come is by watching the sunrise daily. This is a 24/7/365 wave that can bring each longitude to bliss once a day. Watching the sunrise from dark of night to the bliss illumination of seeing the enlightened master, Grandfather Sun, rise over the horizon and bless us with his light, is all 260 light code initiations. 13 Ahau, sunrise, shares the bliss of being light with us daily, and guides our frequencies to the joy and love that can carry us through to the next morning. The 260 light codes prepare us for this. The birds are witness and translate the light codes into their song. Venus guides the early risers... ceremonies usher in the light... Sunrise is for us to understand and enjoy. Grandfather speaks and welcomes his brethren into joy and bliss. Share his love by welcoming the sunrise each and every day. If you wish to read The Waters of Immortality. I can send it by email PDF.

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