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How can the internet be a positive attribute to our Indigenous youth?

Today as I was checking out a few of the different deep social networks Four Directions and Forum Asia have helped create over the past year, I stumbled across a very interesting and inspiring forum discussing the use of internet and Indigenous youth. You can find it at

This website was inspired by a deeper social networks training program conducted in Northern Thailand and was developed to connect an Indigenous group in Northern India. One of the brilliant creators of the site started a discussion on internet use and our Indigenous Youth. I would like to share it with you all and see if it might be able to get a little discussion going on your thoughts and feelings on the matter! 
Peace and happiness, 
Franco and Deloria

Here is the questions and responses they posted...

No offense guys !! I don't really know how much Rongmei youth are being exposed or engaged in internet world. Some are addicted to it which is not good. But in today's modern world, this is so far the best mechanism for business world, media, communication etc..
Are we active as Rongmei in participating? Do we engaged ourselves or exposed to others and to the world?

A few of the responses...

Reply by Herina Gangmei on August 30, 2009 at 11:03pm
There are still a lot of rooms for our people to reach out the world outside but I do feel we have really grown in areas such as cyber world. It's not been so long since there has been a constant growth in networking sites such as facebook, orkut.. The number are still growing and this is one which shows we are really getting into it. And I believe there has been a realisation working on everyone of us that the world of internet is such a powerful tool for today's world.. The number of our people will keep rising and will go far...that's for sure..I was so glad to hear that there has been a number of internet connections back at Tamenglong. we are getting into it slowly..It might take some time but it won't be long when all of our younger generations back at our hometown will start surfing right at a young age..

Reply by Puanthanh Gangmei on October 15, 2009 at 5:43pm
Forget about the Internet. How many Rongmei own a personal computer at home? I will not be wrong to say that most people (Rongmei) accessing internet are students and working peoples residing outside. This is not to offend anyone. I am just telling a fact.

Internet is not just about making friends, chatting etc. There is a whole lot more. Internet is making life easier. The biggest amount of money I ever earned in my life is through the internet via my blog.

We have to reach out to the people "What is internet?" and why it is usefu
Permalink Reply by Jim on December 1, 2009 at 11:31pm
Internet is not about just chatting, doing idle business, making friends, networking etc. I agree. It is "why we do what we do". Its not just about making money either. But its about how technology can help people step into discovering life more easier and be prosper. There's lot more in it,even to give rather than what we can get from it.
"It is why one do what h/she do".

Reply by Herina Gangmei on December 2, 2009 at 5:54pm
I was just pondering on how internet has really made things easier.. and I get too far thinking of it.. It's a powerful tool in today's world. It can do so much, much beyond what we can think of. One can share his views and ideas to the world. It's just a matter of a click away from where we are. We can acquire so much from it and we have also, as much as we want, that we can give and share. For instance, we create a blog and write up our experiences and whatever we want to talk about. People come read your blog and they in some way or the other learn or even get touched by your write up there. This is one way of sharing and getting the world closer to more understanding of each other.
We gain so much of informations from it that sometimes we feel we don't need much of books again. Of course internet can never replace books (I don't know what you guys would say to this). My brother does home schooling and most of his curriculum are being backed up by some research I do from the internet sources.. Sometimes we can't really get what we want or rather takes long time to get to what we want exactly, it gets too bulky. But it sure does help alot. Nowadays, It'll be hard to imagine life without the internet. Talking of most of the merits it's hard to deny that Internet is one of man's big achievement.
Note: Would you like to discuss on ' Can internet replace books in near future?'

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The way to help people is to help them to trust them self.. In my country Greenland. we have home rule and self rule know. but we still dont trust in our self. we have people that seems very strong, but in theire self, they dont belive in them self. if someboby take out your religion/shaman or what ever.. then you cant be strong.. belive me.. even im kind of young, im living very late back from you country! Greenland is so different from your world.. but still the same.. Anaanngaq icewisedom is right.. he is making the why for us.. but our people is not, or has not keep the culture as you has.... thats why im seeking;;: I will try to make it happendt, putsi I do really recpect you..
im sorry english is not my mother hod... but I do hope my message going to your mind!
Youth can come in contact with people who care enough about them to answer their questions on the internet. Youth can safely express anger and other emotions on the net...better than drinking and driving! We have to connect the Youth! And we are! Let's meet them on their own terms...they are what they are-later they will be old and jaded and unable to change (like us old folks). They can help us to have fun and be free. There is a young man from Las Vegas who has just joined the International Indigenous Leadership Gathering website. His web name is UpSmokinKronic...he swears in his blogs and on his homepage...he posted over 50 pictures of his spray painting/graffitti...he really needs to be there. To be with wisdom keepers and elders-even if just on the web. It is important to him-he is looking for a better way. How can we ask our Youth to already be changed into what they can only grow into? They swear, they experiment and sometimes abuse drugs and alcohol. They test their limits-and ours. Acceptance is a way to teach. It's so easy to forget our own youthful mishaps. I think the internet is safe place for all kinds of expressions-especially by youth.
Internet is one way of sharing our indigenous culture, tradition, beliefs and nurturing them by sharing it to others. Internet also helps us indigenous people voice out our rights us being called the minorities. We should also know our rights so we can continue the fight for the development and protection of our environment that were passed to us by our ancestors. In connection to these, we should teach the indigenous youth in using internet so that they will use it also in discussing, sharing and knowing other indigenous peolple and community

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