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After on-going violation of Nation to Nation Treaties  by the Governments of Canada and then US, and Multi-national Oil Companies, not only in Canada and the US but, globally as well, it is clear that closing down any dimension of the Alberta Tar Sands and related Pipe Lines and Tankers, or ending  other environmental destruction occurring on Indigenous Territories everywhere on Mother Earth, will take  unbreakable, unified action of First Nations, Native American and Indigenous Communities globally, Environmental Organizations, Citizen's of Canada and the US, as well as, related International Support, never before seen or actualized. This unity will only be achieved by fully revitalizing, standing together and acting from within an Indigenous Legal Order, as reflected by Treaties and Declarations like, the International Treaty to Protect the Sacred from Tar Sands Projects,the Save the Frazier Declaration, the Yinka-Dene Alliance and the Rights of Mother Earth, in coordination with supportive dimensions of the  International Legal Order. It has been demonstrated, time after time, that this needed unity and principle-centered action for social and environmental justice will not be able to be realized through the Canadian, US or other Legal Orders of Nation States that continue to destroy Mother Earth.

Unless this Unity in Diversity, based in the full consciousness of the Oneness of the Human Family and all Life, is achieved, all that is envisioned in regard to the full development of the Tar Sands, including Pipe Lines and Oil Tankers, by the Governments of Canada and the US, the Multinational Oil Companies and other related supporters, will be actualized in short order. Only a level of unity, never before achieved or, in some cases, even imagined, will be able to stop these unsustainable, environmentally destructive and devastating forces, centred in an ideology of privilege, elitism, materialism and economic gain, at whatever the cost. If allowed to continue, these unsustainable, environmentally destructive and devastating global forces will very negatively and profoundly impact our Human Family and Mother Earth for many, many generations to come. It is more than time for unified, principle-centered, global action to Protect and Restore the Sacred.

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Comment by WhiteWorldBridger on March 2, 2012 at 11:49am

A deep, powerful MotherSoul-intentioned statement.

The collective awareness is building....gratitude in all who have allowed their voices to pass on this Truth.

 I suppose we(our planet/global community)  are at a breaking point that we are all experiencing, felt as a long drawn out disaster, yet it is still a process and our responsibility is only to stay strong, continuing to use the Light Force and not allowing defeat (Dark Forces) to discourage the plan of the Good.

The almighty Creator asks us to continue our True Responsibility.

Nothing less.

Nothing more.

To stand in the face of resistance....just piercing rays of Light to assist the inevitable Shift.

Love to all my beautiful Earthlings.

Om Mitakuye Oyasin

Comment by Sylvia Donna Andreozzi on February 27, 2012 at 9:07pm

Phil, my BrotherWe are dealing with a company , much used to getting their way ... My feeling is that they are , at this time eager to quickly  take advantage of the munipulated increases of oil prices which tend to cause a certain amount of fear and apprehension in the overall mindset of consumers... Added with an overall inflated view of expectations to investors., this can be understood as an opportunistic time to have their way without a lot of interference .  They are totally concerned with filling their pockets and the pockets of the investors on what they know to be a risky undertaking and walking away from any consequences of ill fate or accident which will most likely occur .. What must be offered up is ; as stated a unified front , not to do battle but to first  undermine the over inflated idea that this companys project is the answer to anything...and benefits only those investors who will not be around to clean up the poison left in the wake  . We must not back down from educating the consumer of better more efficient resources ..Even here in Virginia , They are telling voters that this country needs the jobs and independence from foreign  oil , pushing this oil companys' project ... These are inflated ideas and will do more harm than good ... It makes more sense to me to post the truth ...over and over ... and direct it to the consumer in understandable terms ... To feed the fire  hurts the cause.  ... . Let all of those elected know that it is important .... we will not just give in .... we must be willing to take on the burden for a new way of doing things. .We may not be privy to all answers so it behooves us to seek guidance from the Creative Force . That is where the journey begins always.  Then we must be open to the answers we are given ... We are in this together and must act accordingly. Only though the useage of Natural Law can there be manifestation ... Just as we must attune to the vibration of the Mother to realize her stregth and Our oneness on the Earthly Plane ....We must attune to the Creative Force for Guidance, from the Higher Plane, which I promise you ;will come to those who listen.  We are One ... 

Comment by Aurora Whitebird on February 27, 2012 at 6:41pm

We offer prayers to Great Spirit that the people will join together in unity and make their voices heard.

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin

Comment by Ron Dewhurst on February 27, 2012 at 6:21pm
Well I think it about time we hired Mother earth a good lawyer and here is one to stop all these criminals. We need statutory law  so Ecocide is a CRIME for the destruction, damage and loss of ecosystems. It is happening on a mass scale, ev...ery day and it is getting worse. But we can change this – by making it a crime.
An international law of Ecocide would make CEOs and our Heads of State legally responsible for the Earth. People and planet would become the number one priority. Ecocide is part of Earth law – a new body of law we need to protect the Earth.
Comment by Hilary Sweeney on February 27, 2012 at 3:16pm
Is alberta on the west coast
Comment by Stephen Bamford on February 27, 2012 at 2:42pm

This news saddens me as I'm sure it does most others who have a deep and abiding love for our Earth and her many children.  For the life of me, I do not understand how people who could easily profit from sustainable energy that works in harmony with Nature do not choose to do this.  Thank you for advising us of this, Chief Lane.  Many blessings to you and yours and may those who seek this kind of destruction be awakened in a good way to realize their insanity. 

Comment by Amin Dawdy on February 27, 2012 at 2:38pm
Listening to a stream coursing down the mountain at the Abode, I heard these questions:

The water asks us:

You eat from the land, you live on the land, why do you not also speak for the land?
The land asks us: You breathe the air in and you breathe the air out, why is it that you do not speak for the air?
The fire asks us: You drink from the water, the water lives in you, why do you not speak for the water?
The air asks us: You live by fire and warm yourselves inside and out by fire, why do you not listen to the fire?
Spirit asks: Since we elements are you, why is it that you do not speak for yourselves?
The stream said I will carry your questions to the Ocean, perhaps the Ocean knows...
The Ocean replies: Thank you stream for bringing these questions asked by the  elements for each other. 
I will ask a question that may be of service to you all:
As heat rising brings water to the sky, and air transports it in the form of clouds so that it may fall to be soaked up by the parched earth so that rocks may turn to soil and soil support plant life, out of which animals may flourish and man may live, is it  not gratefulness born of the human heart the answer that will allow the selves to speak for all?
Amin sitting on the Salsabil Bench at the Abode of The Message
Comment by Ron Dewhurst on February 27, 2012 at 2:27pm

I am with you on this and will be standing side by side with everyone.

Comment by Peter Magurean III on February 27, 2012 at 2:25pm
Dear Phil,

You have clealy and succinctly described the challenges of us all in terms of correcting the present and future damage of the Alberta Tar Sands. Please continue your proactivity in bringing awareness to the peoples of our planet. I pledge that I will join you in your mission to maintain the natural order of our pristine wilderness.
Comment by White-Bear on February 27, 2012 at 2:10pm

We have to work together with ALL nations and colors to stop this.

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