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Canada Threatens European Union With Trade War Over Tar Sands

If the Government of Canada is willing to take this kind of very aggressive, international action toward the European Union, as described by the linked Guardian article below, what is the Government Of Canada and their Multi-National Oil Industry Partners capable of doing to First Nations and Canadian Citizens that are standing up to Protect and Restore the Sacred from the Tar Sands and related Pipe-Lines and Oil Tankers? We know , in detail, what the Government of Canada and thier Representatives were willing to do to multiple generations of more than 150,000 defenceless Aboriginal Children in Canadian Indian Residential Schools. The Government of Canada and their representatives committed large scale sexual, physical, emotional, and mental abuse, as well as, massive cultural genocide!

It seems clear that effectively addressing any dimension of the Alberta Tar Sands and related Pipe Lines and Tankers, will take an unbreakable, unified action of First Nations Communities, Environmental Organizations, Citizen's of Canada, as well as, related International Support, never before seen or actualized. This unity will only be achieved by fully revitalizing, standing together and acting from within an Indigenous Legal Order, as reflected by documents like the Save the Frazier Declaration, the Yinka-Dene Alliance and the Rights of Mother Earth, in coordination with support of the International Legal Order and other members of the Human Family.

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Comment by josi corley on February 28, 2012 at 8:27pm

I tried the link a few times and even removed 1 of the http's, still redirected me to My Web search. Extreme arrogance and I hear steadily of the camps being set up along the pipeline route and all is a go as far as they're concerned.

Comment by Lee Mason on February 28, 2012 at 2:17pm

I am shocked and appalled at the arrogance and inconsideration the Harper Government has for all of Canada's citizens that oppose the tar sands and the proposed pipeline and super tanker shipping routes. We all need to stand together to stop and progress on the pipeline. I will gather as many young warriors as possible to take part in protests against it if they begin construction.

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