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The Strife That Divides And Afflicts The Human Race Is Daily Increasing-World Peace An Imperative, Not An Option

“The winds of despair”, the Ancient of Days wrote, “are, alas, blowing from every direction, and the strife that divides and afflicts the human race is daily increasing. The signs of impending convulsions and chaos can now be discerned, inasmuch as the prevailing order appears to be lamentably defective.” This prophetic judgement has been amply confirmed by the common experience of humanity. Flaws in the prevailing order are conspicuous in the inability of sovereign states organized as United Nations to exorcize the spectre of war, the threatened collapse of the international economic order, the spread of anarchy and terrorism, and the intense suffering which these and other afflictions are causing to increasing millions. Indeed, so much have aggression and conflict come to characterize our social, economic and religious systems, that many have succumbed to the view that such behaviour is intrinsic to human nature and therefore ineradicable.

With the entrenchment of this view, a paralyzing contradiction has developed in human affairs. On the one hand, people of all nations proclaim not only their readiness but their longing for peace and harmony, for an end to the harrowing apprehensions tormenting their daily lives. On the other, uncritical assent is given to the proposition that human beings are incorrigibly selfish and aggressive and thus incapable of erecting a social system at once progressive and peaceful, dynamic and harmonious, a system giving free play to individual creativity and initiative but based on co-operation and reciprocity.

As the need for peace becomes more urgent, this fundamental contradiction, which hinders its realization, demands a reassessment of the assumptions upon which the commonly held view of humankind’s historical predicament is based. Dispassionately examined, the evidence reveals that such conduct, far from expressing the true self of human beings, represents a distortion of the human spirit. Satisfaction on this point will enable all people to set in motion constructive social forces which, because they are consistent with human nature, will encourage harmony and co-operation instead of war and conflict. UHJ

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Comment by Ervene Boyd on September 24, 2010 at 7:46am
It is inherent within many of us that Tthe Divine Design of Balance between Male and Female Energies is THE WAY. to Peace and Harmony .. Cooperation !! YES!!! among all of us....That is the wisdom passed down from the Ancients! Thanks for the reminder...It is MUCH Needed in this world at this time..
Comment by Dawn G on September 21, 2010 at 11:52am
Too many of us are turning into misanthropes, wishing the Earth would cast humans off like fleas off a dog. Love to all!
Comment by White-Bear on September 20, 2010 at 8:16am
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