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Favorable Signs Leading Toward World Peace

Among the favourable signs are the steadily growing strength of the steps towards World Peace taken initially near the beginning of the last century in the creation of the League of Nations, succeeded by the more broadly based United Nations Organization; the achievement since the Second World War of independence by the majority of all the nations on earth, indicating the completion of the process of nation building, and the involvement of these fledgling nations with older ones in matters of mutual concern; the consequent vast increase in co-operation among hitherto isolated and antagonistic peoples and groups in international undertakings in the scientific, educational, legal, economic and cultural fields; the rise in recent decades of an unprecedented number of international humanitarian organizations; the spread of women’s and youth movements calling for an end to war; and the spontaneous spawning of widening networks of ordinary people seeking understanding through personal communication.

The scientific and technological advances occurring in this unusually blessed new century portend a great surge forward in the social evolution of the planet, and indicate the means by which the practical problems of humanity may be solved. They provide, indeed, the very means for the administration of the complex life of a united world. Yet barriers persist. Doubts, misconceptions, prejudices, suspicions and narrow self-interest beset nations and peoples in their relations one to another.Yet, in one way or another, these barriers will be swept away and World Peace will achieved as promised. UHJ

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Comment by Sherry Buckner on September 23, 2010 at 11:44am
thank you! one of the important and inspiring characteristics of the Four Worlds is the focus on the positive. Reminding me that what I focus on is what I will get. It is so very true. Thank you...I enjoy sharing these on my facebook page.

Comment by Susan George on September 18, 2010 at 11:52am
I wonder, who is UHJ???? These are wonderful atricles!

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