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July 9, 1971, Island of the Sun, Lake Titicaca, Fulfilling the Prophecy of the Reunion of the Condor and Eagle

July 9, 1971~Sitting at the Heart of the Island of the Sun, Lake Titicaca, Bolivia, sitting with my Beloved Quechua Elder and Spiritual Teacher, Meleton Gallardo, (on my right side) and other Beloved Quechua Brothers.

At this Sacred Place, more than 700 years ago, the First Incas, Manco Capac, (Splendid Foundation), and his Beloved Wife were born of the Sun. From this hill where we are sitting, Manco Capac, walked across the water of Lake Titicaca, carrying a Golden Staff (Tapac Yauri) with the Divine Instructions to share the "Art's of Civilization" and awaken “those who were lost and immersed in spiritual darkness." Elder Melton was very clear that other Divine Messenger's had done the same for many spiritual Cycles before. As it was then, so is it now!

Manco Capac was Divinely instructed to plant the Golden Staff into Mother Earth, each evening, and whatever way the Staff was leaning at sunrise, to walk in that direction the next day! Manco Capac was to follow this Divine Guidance until the Staff sunk into the Ground. When Manco Capac reached Cuzco, Peru, the Staff, as promised, sank fully into the ground. On that Sacred Spot, Manco Capac built the Temple of the Sun, thus forming the Foundation of the Inca Empire. This Spiritual Foundation is rapidly rising again today, as prophesied.

It was during these days of prayer and supplication in our Spiritual Pilgrimage to the Holy Places, in and around Lake Titicaca, that I began to learn about the spiritual depths and meaning of the Prophecy of the Reunion of the Condor and the Eagle and the 4th Way. This learning and understanding continue to deepen and gracefully unfold until today.

After we prayed and made our offerings, at all the Holy Points on the Island of the Sun, we went to pray at the Island of the Moon. At dusk, we then returned to the shore of the Lake Titicaca, to the point where we had left before Sunrise.

As the night fully darkened, I was lovingly guided along a seldom walked, hidden path, through the underbrush. After quietly walking, for some time, we arrived at the Royal Seat of Justice of High Court of the Incas.  The Seat of Justice is beautifully carved into a hillside of solid stone.

My Beloved Elder and Spiritual Teacher, Meleton, and other Beloved Quechua Brothers accompanying me honored me by having me sit on at the apex of the cascading Royal Seats of Justice. The beauty and exaltation of this Sacred Time together will forever be etched in the inmost chambers of my soul.

It was here that we concluded our heartfelt songs, supplications, offerings, and prayers. Again, we implored the Ancient Ones and their Sacred Messengers to hasten the Springtime of the Oneness of the Human Family. To free us all from the chains and shackles of the, sometimes, overwhelming, intergenerational, spiritual, cultural, mental and physical oppression, pain and suffering that, as prophesied, encompassed us across the Americas, almost 500 years before! To manifest with Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and Wisdom, the Reunion of the Condor and the Eagle!

As I sat there, At 12'500 feet (3812 meters), surrounded and encompassed by the most beautiful and majestic Full Moon and Twinkling Stars of my life, my heart, my soul, my mind and my soul could hear and was energized by the rustling of our Indigenous Peoples awakening and arising, like the wings of locust brushing against each other before they arise as One Mind, One Body, One Heart, and One Soul and fly.

My Very Beloved Relatives, it is as clear as the brightest sunlight, that each of us is, a Sovereignty, Ancient, Imperishable and Everlasting, and the Promised Time for us to spiritually arise, everywhere, all at once, has come! The new Era and Cycle of our Sacred Journey, of ever-increasing Unity and Oneness, is now unfolding, as promised! There are many more Sacred Stories, Prophecies, and Visions, past, present, and future, that are yet to be understood, realized, completed, and shared! Let us hasten! With Great Love and Respect, let us fully enter the Inmost, Sacred Chambers of our Eternal Heart and Covenant!

With Warm, Respectful and Loving Greetings,

Brother Phil

Shunkmanu He Miye Lo!

Chanupa Sapa He Miye Lo!

My Sacred Names are Horse Thief and Black Pipe and I Stand Fully Responsible Before the Creator For All Of My Words and Actions.

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Comment by Kim A Schulz on July 16, 2014 at 1:09pm

I really do enjoy reading your blogs.  Thank you for sharing.  Much love ~

Comment by michael baker on July 10, 2014 at 4:17am

 May the reunion be completed with all speed from the Creator so that Human may hear the call of Mother Earth

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