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Humanity's Coming of Age-Another Dimension

“All created things have their degree or stage of maturity. The period of maturity in the life of a tree is the time of its fruit-bearing…The animal attains a stage of full growth and completeness,and in the human kingdom human beings reach thier maturity when the light of their spiritual understanding and intelligence attains its greatest power and development…Similarly there are periods and stages in the collective life of humanity. At one time it was passing through its stage of childhood, at another its period of youth, but now it has entered its long-predicted
phase of maturity, the evidences of which are everywhereapparent… That which was applicable to human needs during the early history of the humanity can neither meet nor satisfy the demandsof this day, this period of newness and consummation. Humanity has emerged from its former state of limitation and preliminary training. Human beings must now become imbued with new virtues and powers,new moral standards, new capacities. New bounties, perfect bestowals, are awaiting and already descending upon us. The gifts and blessings of the period of youth, although timely and sufficient during the adolescence of humankind, are now incapable of meeting the requirements of its maturity.”

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