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Our consciousness is directly related to our consumption and our consumption dictates business and politics on the planet. By eating fresh, whole, locally grown foods we can get closer to spirit and tell Big Brother that we support sustainable agriculture not the greed-driven agri-giants. Every dollar and every mouthful is a vote. Vote for Mother Earth - eat whole, fresh, LIVE foods.


Dome it! will allow us to build greenhouse dome/gardens on the grounds of schools and other agencies aroun the country. By putting a greenhouse dome on the White House lawn we can make that call to action global. Won't you join us?


Our website and fund-raising campaign will hit the net July 1st. In the meantime please view and rate the latest Dome it! on my FWII page. Blessings to and gratitude...denise

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I have been eating more raw veggies, letting go of meat and poultry for veggie burgers and feta! I discoverd the joy of eating one food at a time such as an avocado. The flavors explode in my mouth.

I stepped into another spiritual dimension by tuning up my human machine with high frequency foods. Jesus fasted and communed with nature to tune himself up. Mostly, I get my energy and information from Mother Earth when I put my hands in the soil to plant or sustain life.
Last summer I did a 25 day master cleanse. Truly I didn't feel any different in consciousness but all my RA symptoms went away and that was huge enough. I am the same as you I am in the dimension of the soul of our Beloved Mother Earth.
It is a choice albeit an ecstatic one!


We have the whole world in our hands. When we take responsibility and take action - nothing is impossible.


Guiding Principles

Starting From Within, Working in a Circle, in a Sacred Manner, We Heal and Develop Ourselves, Our Relationships, and the World.


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