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Halito Earth's Peoples,
If you see yourself someday leaving the city and living in the forest-living close to your Earth Mother and under the guidance of your ever present Father Sky-please let me know. I am waiting for this and I want to help you accomplish this in a real way-socially, spiritually and politically-as I have at the Peace Camp on Mt. Elphinstone. You can come now and visit.
I don't use my computer often-but I will answer any questions you have in regards to how you can do this. namaste-Lalo

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I believe many are being led to return to Creation to live at this time. Many prophecies speak of this as well as the time to hide in the mountains during the difficult times coming. It has been on my heart for many many years (my how time flies....over 30 years) to return to the country and right now every action I take is one step closer to making this a reality. Working on the city house to sell and move out! Leave this insanity and hear the peace of creation.
I am looking at the area around Missoula. I have made several trips over there looking at property and am just waiting now for my place in Seattle to sell. I lived off the grid for a few years in my 20's and learned alot of life skills then.
If I should get freed up here this spring I would like to go to the gathering at Lillooet. I would love meeting you then! Diane

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