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Indigenous Affirmation of Tribal Sovereignty
Declaration of “Living the Loving Way as a Way of Life*
Patricia Anne Davis, M.A. – Whole System Designer
Specializing in Peacemaking Leadership

The holy people affirmed through ceremony that air and the plant people embody life; fire, light and sacred stone people embody wisdom ; water and the mountains embody congruent planning; our mother earth within the universe embodies holy and clear thinking; and corn embodies food as a medicine for the sweetness in life. These fundamental principles within the natural order affirm that the sacred-SELF intellect is the origin of holy congruent thinking in the creative imagination and strong planning. Thus, Indigenous wisdom and knowledge are the foundation of Dineh (the peoples) law and governing. Upon creation, these fundamental laws were imbued within us as our constitution within the natural order context and we eternally embody their purpose and essence.

Accordingly, we are Indigenous people identified by our spiritual SELF- identity as holy earth-surface people and five-fingered peoplehumane-beings. We are all a precious child of creator:
Our Dineh name
Our clan family name
Our spiritual language
Our blessingway of life, as a way of life
Our shadow upon mother earth, as an aspect of our sacred-SELF spiritual identity
Therefore, we are called the holy earth-surface people.

From these eternal -roots of the tree of life, our spiritual life journey is designed by the four corn-pollen footsteps within temporal time; cardinal and ordinal directions:
East-child- sunrise-spring-White Shell (white people)
NE: water - emotive
South-youth-noon-summer-Turquoise (red people)
SE: fire - mental
West-sunset-parent-autumn-Abalone Shell (yellow people)
SW: earth - physical
North-midnight-grandparent-winter Jet/Obsidian (black people)
NW: air - spiritual
Center: fireplace-hearth of home

The trickster-mind and inverse thinking system with its arbitrary laws; dualistic language; perception planning; competing ideologies - beliefs and win-lose thinking system appear among us in win-lose is no-win decision making.

Yet, the fundamental laws regarding the four sacred elements of our holographic holistic wellbeing and peacemaking principles placed within the four cardinal directions that are taught by our holy people remain unchanged:
Air – spiritual
Fire – mental
Water – emotive
Earth – physical
Corn – social and economic wellbeing

EAST: Child – Moral standards for living
balance in living: wealthcare for Abundant Living

Co-creative situational leadership
SOUTH: Youth – learn the knowledge/skills to earn a living to travel in life
harmony in Communication: lifejourney through peacemaking

WEST: Adult/Parent – family/relatives/clan, home, livestock/garden/ceremony
peace in the family: PpOW-WwOW TIME for healthy helping

Client services implementation
NORTH: Elder/Grandparent – rest/sleep/SELF-reverence and reverence for the natural order/HOPE for new beginnings
beauty in the environment: Reverent Revolution for restoring resources

CENTER: Heart/Hearth/Fireplace/Home – spiritual family love
joy within the heart: lovecurrency embassy - hope for compassionate living

Life Application: manifesting the co-creative solution

We remain Dineh fore-ever as we were created with a living light-body inter-connected with creator and creation through our compassionate heart, embodied with divine love.

From the north - the 4th cardinal direction - sihasin - when the light changes at midnight and the new dawn brings reverence and HOPE we discover and embrace The Fourth Way - instituted by Phil Lane, Jr. as a way of walking in beauty and living the loving way in the 21st Century.

*©The Navajo Nation Justice Department, Window Rock, AZ: 10/21/08
Translation of the foundation of Dineh law/governing: Dineh Bi Beehaz aanii Bitse Silei
Excerpts Expanded by Patricia Anne Davis, M.A., Choctaw/Navajo-Chahta/Dineh

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