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Elder's Traditional Headdress Ceremony

On August 15, 1992, the Four Worlds Elder's Council honored Phil Lane Jr., Member of the Yankton Sioux Tribe and Chickasaw Nations with a Traditional Headdress Ceremony in thanksgiving and recognition of Phil's lifetime service to Indigenous Peoples, the Human Family and his Ihanktowan and Hunkpapa Hereditary Lineage.

This Sacred Ceremony was conducted by the Elders during the closing evening of the 7th Annual "Choices for the Future" Symposium and Windstar Foundation Award Presentation, by Foundation Founder, John Denver, in Aspen, Colorado. The Headdress Ceremony conducted by the Elders was followed by an Honor Dance.

On August 15, 1992, respected and esteemed members of Four World's Elders Council, from across Turtle Island, concluded their 4th Council Meeting.

The Elder's attending the Council represented more than 100 Elders who had attended past Councils. The three previous Four World's Elders Councils were held in Lethbridge, Alberta, December 1982, the Blood First Nation, February 1987, and Loveland, Colorado July 1991.

These Sacred Ceremonies were videotaped at the direct request and unanimous consent of the Elders for historical reference. All of the more than 100 Elder's, but two, Lydia Axtell, Nez Perce and Mary Kahn, Dene, have since passed to the " Other Side Camp." Their Lives, Memories, Wisdom, Compassion, and undying Love will never be forgotten!

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Comment by Phil Lane Jr. on June 23, 2010 at 10:14am
Beloved Brother,

I always wondered why, 18 years ago, after the Elders told me they wanted to recognize my hereditary linage with a Traditional Headress Ceremony , without exception, they all insisted and agreed together that their Headdress Ceremony should be video recorded and to stand as their witness in the future. As we step forward and fully reveal ourselves and our spiritual intenions in these Sacred Days of the Fullfillment of Prophecies, there will be relatives who do not know us and will naturally question who we are, where did we come from and where are we going. We need to be prepared to anticipate and answer these questions in a loving, compassionate, factual and gentle manner.

Of all those 100's of Elders that have loved and guided me over the past 65, soon to be 66 years, most have gone to the "Other Side Camp!" We are the spiritual representatives, on this plane of exsistance, of all those beloved ones that have gone before us.

There are those relatives who know and understand truth through the heart and spirit, there are those who need to understand through their ears and eyes. There are some who learn through all the ways of knowing, spiritually and physically. There are some who are in complete denial, for various resons, and need our prayers and the Creators Grace so they may awaken to their Divine Reality. Ours is not to judge or seek revenge, which, from my experience, is not easy, especially when your relatives are violated and abused! Our work is to learn to be more loving, more compassionate, and more forgiving.

As you know my beloved brother, It's time to hasten foward, the Ancient Ones and all our Relaives in the " Other Side Camp," await us! I am thankful we are walking togther, side by side, on the Red Road to our promised destiny!

With Warm and Loving Greetings,

Brother Phil
Comment by White-Bear on June 23, 2010 at 8:13am
Are you trying to tell us something in your gentle way?

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