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Protecting the Sacred, Josh Fox's Video Supporting Tar Sands Action

Oscar nominated director Josh Fox (Gasland) gives his powerful support to the Tar Sands Action, a two week sit-in at the White House to show President Obama he has the support of the people to stand up to Big Oil.This action is now scheduled to go on until real change you can believe happens.

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Comment by susan thomas on December 1, 2011 at 4:09pm

I'm from Northeern Michigan and by the maps.  this would be going thru the up where I was born.  I just recently left there.  I had been gone for over twenty years.  It is no more pristine as when I was a child.  We as humans have done more damage to our mother earth we should all be conscious of our actions.  It saddened me to walk along the rivers and thru my old stomping grounds in the woods.  I am not mobile enough to protest or go far anymore.  I miss my earth walks.  It always brought me closer to my creator and calmed me.  This saddens the heart and brings forth anger.  I don't know how to help but as for myself and children, and grandsons we try to keep it clean and leave nothing that doesn't belong behind when we go.  Our waters of the Great Lakes are getting even more filthy with each passing year.  I no longer fish because of the contamination levels are so high in some areas.  We all need to wake up and take a good look at ourselves and at the destruction that is going on around us, along with our government supporting these issues.  I thought they were for the people and our lives.  In reality they are giving us a slow death as they are our environment and the animals who inhabit the world.  Thank you susan thomas

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