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Joseph Rael~Native American Teachings pt1

Joseph Rael, whose name, Tslew-teh-koyeh, given to him as a child at Picuris Pueblo, means "Beautiful Painted Arrow," is widely regarded as one of the great ...

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Comment by Maureen on September 14, 2011 at 6:01am
the AAA is the EH sound.. 
Comment by Maureen on September 14, 2011 at 5:40am
This is it..  all that I am, seeing through time since 4th grade..  following my dreams and visions, talking to the Earth getting the answers from her, traveling so far through time, beyond time, back into the space where I was a creation singer, a part of the ones who were singing the world into being, seeing how we clothed her body, and drapped the skins upon the animal kingdom who came with us into this creation..  another vision Grandfather of the Wolf Clan appeared in the Ceremony that was for the Healing of the Remnant of Past Wounds.  In the Ceremony he chanted,  AAA A OOO A O A .. O  E  O  E  O...  over and over.. another vision a singer companion singing me a song of remember when..  for 3 months I was taken upon a journey back before we clothed the Earth and all the ones, our family who came to be with us here, the animal kingdom, the trees, the mountains, rivers and flowers.. to the place where outside of time I saw a Spirit Tree.. I wanted to hug in a land that was solid..  and all at one we all conceived the idea that we wanted to create of world of solid.. so we could touch.. it is all here...

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