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Indigenous Elder Keynotes International Indigenous Leaders Gathering-2013


The St’át’imc Chiefs’ Council again oversaw the 5th Annual International Indigenous Leadership Gathering in St’át’imc Territory, June 13 th to June 16th, 2013 at the Xaxli’p community, (Lillooet. B.C., Canada). The theme is "Protecting the Sacred”. All people from across the globe are welcome to join the Gathering, it is free, meals are included, and this is an outdoors event, which takes place at the Arbor. People come to camp together to witness, partake in scheduled ceremonies and discussions.

*Please Respect, Reduce, Re-use & Recycle Worldwide Indigenous Peoples are facing rapid cultural-loss due to the aggressive assimilation policies by the Governments and Corporations that surround them! At the same time, the remaining elders are quickly passing on to the Spirit World! From Continent to continent, the Indigenous cultural and spiritual teachings that have guided countless generations, rooting the children and connecting the youth, are at risk. Recognizing this crossroads, the elders across many Indigenous cultures have warned that we must act now to safeguard tour Indigenous Teachings. Our Sacred Knowledge, Sacred Life Relationships, connecting us all in the Circle of Life is what this Gathering will help create for our future generations.

Throughout the first four gatherings we have heard shared-teachings from the Hopi, Lakota,Dakota, Cree, Chickasaw, Salish, Mayan, Quechua and many other other Indigenous Peoples across Turtle Island as well as throughout the world who say that the time for reconnection is now. Time is short for restoring our balance. The children need us to move with spirit to re-create truth, love, and discipline. We have been instructed to come together for real reflection. Unlike other meetings, this gathering will take place at a sacred site (near Swena7em), in the heart of an Indigenous Nation’s ancestral territory.
1) Sacred Knowledge- Embracing the guidance of our ancestors and elders, to live in balance.
2) Sacred Lands- Respecting the rhythms and warnings of Mother Earth to choose wisely.
3) Sacred Children- Nurturing the young ones, both near and far.
4) Sacred Generations- providing for future generations, the grandchildren and for all humanity.
Addressing such topics in their proper cultural context will provide a breakthrough for Indigenous Peoples internationally. It offers protection for the children and grounding for the youth, at a time when meaningful initiatives for tackling the root causes of culture loss are scarce. There will be relevant guidance from recognized spiritual authorities instead of further outside ‘expert’ prescriptions. Indigenous Peoples themselves will address the pressing global issues at which our Peoples now find ourselves at the center of,like the Alberta Tar Sands and related, pipelines and tankers, as well as, minining fish farming, and climate change to name a few

The St’át’imc Chiefs’ Council raise our hands to you in gratitude for your continued support for this unique gathering based on vision. We would also like to take this time to officially invite you to our next Gathering (that is open to all people, world-wide). Please note that if you provide a financial donation, the St’át’imc Chiefs’ Council will also provide you or your organization with a charitable society address number for Canadian taxation purposes.

For more information, to volunteer, donate funds, bulk or traditional foods; please contact Darrel Bob, IILG Coordinator, at: 1 (250) 256-4800 or 250-256-0045 or email

We ask that you attend in good spirit, respect all people and cultures, the IILG Indigenous Grounds, protocols, and Mother Earth.

No drugs & Alcohol Permitted;

No dogs allowed.

Be in good spirit,

Bring your own camping gear,

All My Relations.

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Comment by Sister Rosemarie Stevens on July 1, 2013 at 11:34am
Inspiring words and sharing... thank you. Recently on a call with Peacemakers and talk by David Cobb there was mention of constitutional amendment for slavery and women, and it made me wonder if that might be an avenue to explore for Native Americans and all encompassing issues?

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