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Buffalo Nation / The Children Are Crying

Please watch this video! This is a powerful insight into the heart of the Lakota, Dakota and Nakota Peoples and all those other Tribes and Nations around Mother Earth that have suffered colonization and oppression since the Dawn of recorded time! That is all Members of our Human Family at some in our collective history! Only colonized people, colonize people, only abused people, abuse people and only hurt people, hurt people hurt people! In spite of all this, the Day without night is now arising when all of this abuse, oppression and injustice are destined by the Blessed Beauty to end forever on this Mother Earth!

With all these elections debates and $Billions being spent to elect Democratic and Republican leaders, where are the injustices inflicted upon the Indigenous Peoples of the Americas and the solutions of these injustices being discussed? Mitt Romney`s Faith teaches that the Indigenous Peoples (the Lamanites) of the Americas are destined to `` blossom as the rose`` and emerge into global spiritual leadership! President Obama was given the great honor of being made a Chief of the great Crow Nation! Yet, I don`t hear one word from either of them, as they stand debating on the Sacred Lands of our Indigenous Peoples, where our treaties have been broken, over and over ! This is all while $ Trillions are being spent to make war after war that is destroying the Human Family and Mother Earth!

Something is seriously out of balance on our beloved Mother Earth! From my perspective, at 68, this is long promised time for our young people of Mother Earth, the 7th Generation, to take full leadership in building a New World Civilization based in justice and enduring peace for all members of the Human Family

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Comment by Stephen Bamford on October 20, 2012 at 10:15am

Sad that all this is true.  Now what is the plan to make things good and right? 

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