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At 6:34am on November 1, 2021, Julie Mewis said…

Hello .

I am Mrs. Julie Mewis, an aging widow suffering from long time illness (Esophageal Cancer). I have some important information (charity proposal) for you, May God continue to bless you, Please reply ( for more details.

your sister in the Lord,
Mrs. Julie Mewis.

At 2:00pm on June 11, 2020, waldenthree coordinator said…


Greetings from Fairfax County, Virginia Brother White Bear !

Are you still alive & well, dancing at the Pow Wow ?

Avi Dey

Cafe Twin Meet Fairfax County, VA

At 12:09pm on December 14, 2017, Marie-Claude Lacroix said…

Here is the Historical Women's Declaration written in collaboration with many women from different origins together with the Kanienkehaka (Mohawk) Traditional Council of Kahnawake. This Declaration is on the official website of the Venezuelan Consulate in Montreal. and has been so far translated in French, English, Spanish, German and soon in Russian and Arabic! Thank you for helping us share this peaceful information to all. Skennen Kowa, Great Peace to you

The video version with beautiful images of the ceremonial garden at the Longhouse:

At 7:50pm on May 23, 2015, WinterStar ManyRoots said…

Thank you for the most precious gift of open hearts! 

Life has such adventures, it has become a challenge to keep up with everything.

My apologies for not finding posts for so long!

I pray you are well and walking a good path.

WinterStar ManyRoots

At 2:43pm on March 26, 2015, Elvina-Jean Paulson said…

Five years has passed since I have been on this site.  Long ago I had a dream in this dream was a Holy Woman speaking with a voice so indescribably beautiful about the children she was saying 'what about the children?  Twice it was said to me in two different dreams in two different places.  Last night I listened to the voice of two children in my dream. They were both from different places the message was to speak with One voice.   So it is to speak with one voice and not many voices trying to speak as one.  We may have many lessons in life each one given with the intention of helping us learn to be better but we also must pass it on to people worthy of being the student.

At 4:18pm on November 17, 2013, Rosie Susie Trakostanec said…

Sending healing prayers from our relatives, as I see many around you! Blessings!

At 1:01pm on November 16, 2013, Rosie Susie Trakostanec said…

Blessings my friend ;0 It is good to be back and I welcome the messages :)


White Elk medicine Woman

At 4:49am on January 29, 2013, Mushin Mato Wambli said…

I am honored! Wolakota

At 7:05pm on October 31, 2012, Stephen Bamford said…

When I read your comments on Chief Lane's page, "It is truly heartbreaking that we must tolerate these injustices, but some of the humans are starting to come around, they are listening, they are heeding... May you walk in beauty," I just wanted you to know how profoundly moving it was of you to say that.  Many blessings to you and yours -  Steve

At 3:56am on October 22, 2012, cheryl said…
Im pretty new at this but I am learning hopefully we can be friends
At 8:36pm on October 20, 2012, Lynn Magnuson said…

White Bear, thanks for your healing and inspiring comments on the film. I was so saddened when I learned of our people's high drug and alcohol abuse rate. I hope this film can be part of the process back out of the bondage of abuse. I wish you peace, and justice!


Lynn in New Orleans, LA.

At 4:54am on May 26, 2012, Stephen Bamford said…

Great site!  Great music!  Great Spirit! 

At 2:16am on April 28, 2011, UnnikrishnaPakkanar said…
Thanks for .....
At 5:28pm on February 9, 2011, United Native Intertribal Church said…

We come from many nations, many races, many colors. My people were the Wappinger absorbed by the Iroquois. We are all the Human.

My Council includes others I am only one, but I am no different than that blade of grass on my earth mother.

At 5:50pm on December 23, 2010, brent adams said…
Thank you.Did you attend  the summit here in quartzsite? I learned of it to late however thats how I learned of this orginization. My wife and I have come  to Quattzsite the past three winters . Thanks again for the welcome.
At 11:11am on December 3, 2010, diane Richmond said…
thanks so much White Bear I know what you are talking about and I thought I was getting there but I guess I let the negativity in. I know when I started to be able to forgive those who hurt me and send them love. I will do my best to keep it that way, You are helping me so much thank you for coming into my life, I have been praying for some like you to come into my life, just being able to talk to you this way makes me so happy. I love your wall and your songs. About my mom I will let her go completly starting today. And my younger sister dropped by this morning and we had a great visit I took her out for lunch,

I sat in a Cedar Bath last night and prayed for my extended family.
I love my life right now I have everything that I need in life I don't want anything else, I have my bundle, my drum, my medicines, a good warm home, a great husband, 3 beautiful daughter and son in laws and two grandsons and a new baby to be born in May.
What more can a woman ask for? The Sun is shinning out side today and I am listening to your beaufitul songs as I am typing this message to you what more can I ask for at this moment.
Strong Standing Bear Woman...sending you love and hugs....
At 4:09pm on December 2, 2010, diane Richmond said…
thank you so much White Bear, that is a great teaching for me, but certain situations have happen between my extented family and we are not close or sometimes not even talking. My brother who was 4 when I was born never accepted me and as we grew up he always treated me like the black sheep and even today as old as we are it is still the same, And when I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer 15 years ago my younger sister came to be with us when I had my surgery and after that I never seen her again and when our mother was admitted tothe hospital after her diagnoses of Alzhimers I I bought in the sweetgrass and cedar my drum and they told me that I should not be bringing in this here because mom does not believe in it as she is a strick Catholic but I saw my mom come to cermony and I saw her smoking the Sacred Pipe. The sad part of it all they did not tell me but they told my husband and this was during the last part of her life. I use to go to the hospital alone at night around 10 p.m. and sumdge her with sweetgrass and sing songs to her with my drum. So I do not know how to deal with this I pray about it when I do my Pipe. So I suppose I am free in a way but I miss my extended family.
I have my husband and three daughters and son in laws and two very handsome grandsons. My husband always says this is our family.
At 10:15am on November 20, 2010, waldenthree coordinator said…
Apachee Elder & Link Via Twin Project USA C2C Now for much better future 2011 ?

PS: Do not just wait, take action now---communicate and communicate, your community and mine !

If you can dream it, then you can achieve it. You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.
Zig Ziglar
At 12:10pm on November 15, 2010, phyllis anne bala said…
Aloha, White Bear. Mahalo for your note of warm welcome into this circle. I am here with open heart, looking forward to learning and contributing in a good way. A ho'.


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