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At 3:12pm on January 29, 2021, Makwaiskwew said…
Kwey kwey. I lost the last email associated with this site so restarted this account so I could share this with you in case you missed I hope all is good with,prayers and friendship...makwaiskwew
At 9:55am on May 4, 2015, Sylvia Demarest said…

Raven--doing the radio show with you was fun.  Sylvia

At 12:52pm on January 22, 2014, Steve Peace said…
Thank you for accepting my Friendship. I will listen to your show when I can.
Please feel free to contact me any time and if you happen to have a chance please check out the projects I have going. Much is in the works and not yet online, but there's a lot to see and listen to there. Plus it's open to all to be involved in many ways (collaborative music for Peace and Earth, tree planting, etc) or support.

Thanks and Peace,
At 6:35pm on October 22, 2012, cheryl said…
Thank you for the invite but Im going to be unable to make it because I live in Iowa and Im sorry theres no way of me getting there I would love to go but I cant So again thank you <3
At 2:41pm on September 5, 2012, Denise Martin said…

Please vote for Dome it! and Pacific Domes in the Meet Richard Branson contest and pass it on.

He is the perfect billionaire to forward the Conscious Consumption Evolution and our Medicinal Domes. Every click is a vote. Thank you!

At 6:12pm on January 15, 2012, Joe Quigley said…

GREAT Show Bro!! Thanks for helping to "keep the fire" burning on this Prayer.... wopila.... hoka he....

At 4:51am on January 15, 2012, Thomas H Conger said…

Thank you for the invite, but unfortunately I cannot make it. I read your profile and I'm very impressed. You show great strength and you seem to have such wisdom and knowledge.

I added you as a friend and I am looking forward to following you on your journeys.

I recently signed up for this site as I came across it when I was researching on the web.

I'm currently involved in organizing a reunion event for past youth and staff who were active in the VisionQuest Program. The program has been around since 1973 and founded by Bob Burton. I learned a little about the Crow Indian culture and some of the traditions and ceremonies while at VisionQuest. I had the opportunity to learn how to build a sweat lodge as well as participate in a sweats with Dan Old Elk. I learned how to erect Tipi's as well. In VisionQuest there are many aspects of program which involves doing certain ceremonies. Like when youth go of on a Quest in the wilderness, we would have a circle and the Elder would pat us with feathers. I also received my medicine bag and chose my direction before I departed VisionQuest. I have quite a history in the program, I was the youngest kid ever in the program (ten years old) and I stayed there for almost 5 years. The reason why I am here is to give recognition to VisionQuest by creating awareness and to bring all VisionQuest alumni back into the circle. We were taught in VisionQuest " What comes around, goes around" and I believe this to be very true. I personally believe that I was the chosen one to take action and I really don't know why. It just came to me like a bird. So I am hoping you could help me understand why I have this Vision to bring all these people back from my past. I really have been inspired to search out these people from VisionQuest because I believe many have been calling and want to be found. Thomas

At 11:13am on January 7, 2012, Firewoman said…

Dear brother...I wanted  to thank you, Wado, for everything you do and everything you are. I am so inspirited and inspired by your show, Make no bones about it. I have been going through so many rapid changes and your shows help me find focus on my path. Many blessings, Firewoman

p.s. I changed around my website...let me know what you

I would love to put a link on my site to your program but I don't know how to do that yet...I am working on things like that right now.


At 6:06pm on January 1, 2012, Shalahnia Riversong said…

What an excellent show for New Years Day 2012.  Will this be available for those who missed it to listen at another time? I hope so!

Many blessings,


At 11:45am on March 2, 2011, Judiann said…
Thank you very much for all that you share.
At 6:39am on February 8, 2011, Velma L. Houser said…
Dear Raven, This is just to let you know how grateful I am to you for posting these interviews on your site. I have never been able to get the original talks. Thank you so much
Love and blessings to you and your family.
Velma Houser
At 9:26am on December 6, 2010, Judiann said…
This link has audio, video, and other. Really good, but don't know how to put it up here. If you like it too, maybe you know how? Thanks.
At 3:02am on September 28, 2010, Yvonne Dornseiff said…
At 6:36am on September 3, 2010, Judiann said…
Thank you for keeping us all informed. Blessings and joy to you.
At 8:25am on July 19, 2010, Jennifer Card said…
Thank you Raven Redbone for the friendship~ Thank you for all you do. Your post/videos are wonderful! Much harmony and blessing sent to you ~
At 7:51am on July 15, 2010, Judiann gave Raven Redbone a gift
At 6:40am on July 10, 2010, Velma L. Houser said…
Dear Raven, This is to let you know that I will be adding my prayers to yours tomorrow. There are no waterways here in Dodge city, Kansas The river bed here has been dry for a number of years, so I will have to join you, near water, in spirit.
Thank you for your good work. May you always remain well and strong.
At 6:46am on June 25, 2010, Velma L. Houser said…
Dear Raven, This is just to tell you I appreciate it when you post a summary of something that is on your radio/web site.
For some reason I am unable to connect with the web, or if I do connect, the connection crashes at the most interesting time.
It very well be my lack of understanding of how to do some things on the computer. You have very interesting discussions on your site and I am disappointed to be unable to connect, most of the time.
May the Great Spirit bless you and keep you strong.
At 9:48am on June 14, 2010, Grover N said…
Osiyo Brother,
Thank you for your work, service and energy.
Wado for sending me the show. Good stuff.
At 8:32am on December 27, 2009, Renee said…
Hello my friend! Thank you for the invitation! :-) -- Renee

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