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At 2:17pm on September 4, 2012, Carol Petersen said…


I posted your link to my facebook.  Everyone is watching you shine.  Your video is the BEST ONE.  Every word you said is GREATNESS!

Thank you for our healing

Carol....... Rainbow Medicine Blanket

At 2:40pm on January 3, 2011, Raleiah - Sara said…


<3 We are all ONE <3Thank you for your nice welcome dear Denise!

Sending you much love, Light & Blessings <3

At 5:35am on December 20, 2010, Warren Petoskey said…

I apologize for being so slow to respond. Our computer has been down and we only recently were hooked back up to the internet. I pray all is well with you and yours. warren

At 5:09am on November 8, 2010, waldenthree coordinator said…

At 5:08am on November 8, 2010, waldenthree coordinator said…
"Teach Your Organization to Innovate (5 Golden Rules Power Point Draft 01) ?

I just developed this powerpoint slide calender (2011) draft 01 for "everyday" companion as a part of our Twin Project USA C2C PPP proposal.

Appreciate your comments as to "value proposition" to the work you are doing & would like to collaborate for future .

Thanks ahead.

Avi Dey

PS: Send me your email address ? (this powerpoint is available via Google Docs and can be reviewed as your schedule permits from your email address).
At 10:11am on October 6, 2010, waldenthree coordinator said…
My purpose was to be helpful and not to offend. I I do not question your motive or your purpose, other than to say you require buisness saavy that you may need to acquire to execute your plan.

In business, you can't afford to get offended that easily !

Be glad to give free advice as you want in future. good luck and let's end now.
At 9:59am on October 6, 2010, waldenthree coordinator said…
I think, your question is best addressed to FWI leadership, and i am not one. Why don't you have a chat with the 'Firewomen" at the FWI Youth Council ?

I have to stay focused on things where there is a 'value for me'. be glad to give you helpful comments for free. let's end this communications with a commnet about 'wisdom of not being judgemental".

I am glad your school agrees with you.

But for those who don't know you, may be offended, particularly if you are 'judgemental' !
At 9:26am on October 6, 2010, waldenthree coordinator said…
Eco-School-Aid & Your Admonition about "Extreme Toxic" behavior at schools ?

You have to be careful about making judgement about current practices about what schools feed kids. You will make people angry by your judgement, and instead of getting schools to cooperate and see the "economic & nutrition value' of what you offer, some communities may decide to take you to court for offending them. It's not worth being 'judgemental" ! Your solution not fit all !
At 1:41am on October 6, 2010, waldenthree coordinator said…
'Corporate charity" element is in your announcment & not in your flyer. Here is what your announcement said that accompanied your flyer. Topic 2: fact that you are giving away 70%, does not take away the fact that your product has to compete in the marketplace with simiar products that offer similar value. In fact, I am familiar with some of them, readily available in the marketplace that competes with your product. You neeed "business saavy" .

Eco-School-Aid ?

Eco-School-Aid is finally leaving the launch pad. This is the beginning of a campaign poised to refine how we bankroll our schools, transform the food supply, address our national health crisis and raise a generation of healthy future parents and leaders. It is our hope that sustainable businesses nationwide will sign on to this initiative and generously share their profits towards this end.

Please take a moment to view the attached flyer and pass it on. A simple click of your send button could result in dollars for your children's school.


Love and gratitude...denise
At 11:54am on October 5, 2010, waldenthree coordinator said…
What is "Value Proposition' ?

"Value Proposition' means benefits.

The fact that you want to give away money by selling your products, does not create a 'value propostion' that can be supported by a large corporate foundation as your announcment is requesting.

In fact, corporate foundations that give out grants as you are seeking, cannot give money to a business as you are one. You do have a wonderful product, but your focus needs 'business saavy' and 'business to business' links for distribution and not charitable donation based on your worthy goals.
At 9:58am on October 5, 2010, waldenthree coordinator said…
Eco-School-Aid ESA Final.PDF Vision/Mission link to actionable follow ups ?

I have read your ESA Final.PDF, and to be honest I just don't understand the 'value proposition' of your vision & benefit to large corporations & non-profits or others ?

Can you please explain in a simple paragraph "value proposition" to targets ?
At 9:50am on September 13, 2010, waldenthree coordinator said…
Thanks you have shared your "global biz plan' url, may i also share with you our "Twin Project USA C2C" linked to hurricane, tornado, and earthquake preparation using tech innovation, emerging telecom technology, & social capital ? Our focus is right here misley ole USA , not global ! ref url: http:/

but the challange of reducing cost of natural events, hurricanes, tornado, & earthquake is a 'global challange' to which we here in the Chesapeake Bay geo link to UN ear ?
At 9:34am on September 13, 2010, waldenthree coordinator said…
If you have UN ear on a project proposal, send me details to see if i might link & strengthen via our geography here in DC-MD-VA ?

Have a brief summary you can send me or is your project only for your geography in west coast link to international ?
At 7:02am on September 13, 2010, waldenthree coordinator said…
Pow Wow Circle Kids Tent (on facebook)
Twin Project USA C2C for Community Festivals

Just created a ”Bridge’ to nature, heritage music & science”.

Hope to link with you & a small group of our common friends, soon !
At 1:57pm on August 31, 2010, Ilene DePoe said…
Hi Turtle Mountain brother, did U get to the Sun Dance. Let's hear about it. I so want to bring my children there, before my pony gets to tired. Have a good one and blessings to you and those you love. Ilene
At 2:18pm on August 18, 2010, waldenthree coordinator said…
Ok, thanks for your note.Your apology accepted. You already know my focus and priorty as next steps forward. What is yours ? My email is as follows: yours ? i can send you a brief photo album to add clartiy if you are not on facebook. Makes sense ?

Action is no less necessary than thought to the instinctive tendencies of the human frame.
Mohandas Gandhi
At 2:15pm on August 18, 2010, waldenthree coordinator said…

At 10:09am on August 3, 2010, White-Bear said…
Tukwila is in the Beautiful state of Washington, approximately 16 miles south of Seattle, close to SeaTac airport.
At 7:33pm on July 27, 2010, Marie Angeli said…
lovely website! I appreciate your vision, Denise. I'd love to see Dome gardens all over in urban sites.

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