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What is Peace ? by Mato Gi ( Brown Bear ) , Age 10

What is Peace?

Peace is no more wars, gangs,drugs and that stuff.

No deaths caused unnaturally and no more Animals dying.

No more pollution and damage to Mother Earth.

Where children who have parents in a war will have their

parents back..

No murder or anything like that.

A better life.

No more abuse.

Where slavery will be gone.

No more weapons.

No more bullies.

This is my Peace.

 By Mato Gi,Tiger Philip Lane, Chickasaw and Ihanktonwan Dakota Nations


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Comment by Elvina-Jean Paulson on January 2, 2011 at 7:12pm

It is only when Old Men see their past was useless in the great war

That they understand they met their Father in passing in that war.

For the first time 

It is only when Old Men see their youth was wasted as a lad

Who had never known what it is to live in peace and harmony

It is only when we realise that the covert war in our Tribal Nations

Was not caused by anxious natives who wanted to conquer the world

There were no Fleets of savages native American or Aboriginal Australian or otherwise

As we know it on Mother Earth to this day

It is only after we realise that atrocities need to be acknowledged

In our own Countries and not passed off as history of a dominant race

It is only in being given the right to the land and right use of our law

We see their future in one 

How we all long for this peace, harnony, respect, honour and love.


Elvina :Ghinbraa-Djillanilliu:

Comment by Stephen Bamford on January 2, 2011 at 6:52pm
It is fitting this young man would deliver such a strong and powerful message.  It is my hope all people will hear his words. 
Comment by Grace Growing Medicine E. Reed on January 2, 2011 at 6:42pm
My cousin Rolling Thunder was quoted by Judiann and yes I believe there is never a time an innocent soul utters something so spiritual and not have it come to past. Dear precious Brown Bear Tiger your words were picked up by the scattering angels and are being dropped, like snow is dropped, like the butterfly descends onto all whose hearts are open. The children of this world are suffering and your thoughts and wishes will reach them over time. Thanks you for your wisdom dear child---(I am an older grandmother) and you are destined to be a great leader. Big hello to your wonderful family. Grace Growing Medicine
Comment by Judiann on January 2, 2011 at 3:31am

Yesterday Elder Meditation :)

".because if you believe in something, and believe in it long enough, it will come into being."

-- Rolling Thunder, CHEROKEE

We are created by the Great One to accomplish His will through our mental pictures or visions. Our thoughts are three dimensional: words, pictures
and feelings. We create the vision by thinking the words and we create
feeling for the vision by feeling enthusiasm, desire, commitment and
other strong beliefs. Once we create the vision, we move toward and
become like that which we think about. All visions are tested by our
self talk; for example, "This isn't going to happen, where is the money
coming from anyway?" When this happens, we need to let go of the test
and focus on belief in the vision. Why? Because God said if we believe
it long enough, He will guarantee it!!!

Great One, let my beliefs be strong today. Help me to have faith in my visions
Comment by Judiann on January 2, 2011 at 2:22am

This is a good.  My prayer for this young man that he holds this in his heart always and that his peace will be reality.

( Bill, glad that you are back home!  So, are you originally a southern boy?  I gave up on Judy, since my family (TN) always called me Judy Ann, and just decided to be Judiann :)

Comment by Peter Magurean III on January 1, 2011 at 11:48pm

Wow, I am so happy to see this from Brown Bear who is growing up fast - -  and furious!!  How sweet and powerful are his words.......Thank you, Tiger......I look forward to hearing more of your wonderful writings.....

Blessings upon you and your dear mother and father!

Comment by Billy Howell-Sinnard on January 1, 2011 at 7:25pm

When we have these desires in our hearts, they become realities. With thoughts like these our future is looking good.


Bill (I am no longer Billy, except to my aunts and cousins on my mother's side, who will continue to call me Billy Joe)


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