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We are supposed to heal each other.

It was when I was 12 that I was given the great vision in which I was told that the way I was to walk through this world was by following the Laws of Nature.  I was told that all the rules for how to walk through this world were written upon the Earths body.  There is no hatred, prejudice or fear written upon her body, alertness yes, but not ruled by fear.  There is no conspiracy theory, but a divine plan.  Whenever someone tried to convince me to believe as they believed I turned to the Earth for the answer.
In 1984 I sustained an injury to my spine and when I went to the Dr he told me they would be putting me on pain pills for the rest of my life.  And my Indian Spirit said, "Oh no you wont," so I began praying, seeking healing.  I followed every path I was given seeking healing for this condition.  I believed the path would lead me in the right direction.
After I turned 50 my condition began to deteriorate rapidly until by the time I was 53 I was not feeling well and went to the Dr.  He gave me 3 RX's and told me he thought I was broken in 3 places..  and again I proclaimed, "I will not walk the path of the white pill"  "I will not pay $25,000.00 for a test to see if my heart is broken"  So I began to pray to find out what was wrong all the while watching my condition get worse.
While I was on the journey to an answer I came into more of the knowledge that I was a healer (which I had seen in my youth too, but it was not the time)   A lady was sent into a circle of prayer I was standing in who had cancer.  One day, after a treatment, she crawled into the circle and collapsed.  In that moment I saw Grandfather of the Wolf Clan so I went into the circle, picked her up and took her to him.  The next thing I know she is telling me, "you are healing me, you are healing me"  I watched her surrender to the healing
I do not understand why she is telling me this so I begin looking through the veil to see what Grandfather of the Wolf Clan is doing, and see that as she is affirming and accepting the healing she is being healed from the inside out.  I could see what it looked like to be healed from the inside out.
In the meantime my own condition was worsening, but I could not heal myself, no matter how hard I tried I could not heal myself.
Then another person was sent to me and she tells me I am a healer, that I have white light coming from my heart, that I healed her and that she saw me moving through the Earth picking up the broken, bidding them to walk in my footstep while I escorted them safely to the other side where there is no chaos.. to the place of peace
But still I could not heal myself so more prayers I made to momma to ask her to show me why I could not heal myself.  She showed this picture of the body with all of its different parts.  She told me that the collective soul that we call mankind was one body with many different parts.  She said that some are the brains, like the computer people, some are the plumbers, some build structures, some walk in the heart.. some the writers the speakers the artist are the voice.  She showed me that in the natural order when an injury happens to one of the parts, the brain sends out a signal and healing agents are sent in to begin the healing process..  She showed me a picture of an animal with a wound on its foot, licking its wound, showed me  inside the saliva that action that takes place that is for the healing.
She shows me how it is that it is not the foot that heals itself.  It is the other parts coming to heal the foot.
We create a world where the outside reflects the inner, but there is so brokeness, dis-ease, lack of ease..  We created a system of physician.  IT is a reflection of our inner world, even though it is very broken because the brain does not charge the foot  $2000.00 or "we will not service you"  The brain just automatically sends a signal to begin the healing process..
Momma is telling me that we are supposed to heal each other...  and that by healing each other we will heal our world... and we will heal the Earth 

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Comment by Maureen on July 14, 2011 at 4:54am

Thanks Shirley Anne...  You have reminded me that I need to come here with a progress report on this healing is working......  It is here that we are holding this prayer to heal each other!/groups/147258015343279?id=164897...  if anyone wants to come and join our Circle of Prayer to try this with us..


this confession does not come by me in an easy way.  I am an artist, and as such I like to present myself as a masterpiece at all times..  but momma says that I must wear my heart on my sleeve as she does.. so I must too reveal the broken places as we are working on by healing each other we will heal the Earth.  I make my confessions for her, as it is very hard for me to make these for myself.


In 1983 I sustained a back injury they called degenerative..  at the time I could not conceive of what they were talking about... but in the late 90's I began to experience the first symptoms of the degeneration with a slight ice feeling traveling down my leg, that through time I watch progress, even though I believed I was walking a path to heal it, it kept getting worse..  In 2009 I tripped over a carpet and broke my arm..  I felt like a tree falling down and heard the sound of my limbs breaking..  that was a 6 month journey through great pain as I did not like the white pill and refused to take it..  afterwards I discovered I could no longer climb sacred mountain..  could not travel distance in walking..  plus the Diabetes was raging out of control in me and my thyroid, seemed like it had completely quit functioning..

I have been a horrible mess physically since 2009..  which as a healer is why I was trying to heal myself.. (momma's path for me was slow and deliberate for she lead me down a path (during those years of deep prayer over this) to this place where I witnessed a girl saying I was healing (when all I was doing was sending her my love) but I pierced the veil to see what she was talking about and saw her healing from within..  so momma says to me about us as a collective soul and the body how it heals itself..  so here we are.. I confessed to my friends and asked for their healing..


Yesterday I attended a class (the same one I attended 2 months ago and was in horrible pain afterwards in my back, could barely sit after the class) yesterday I was back in the class and I noticed that I was no longer have to sit in a manner that would hold my spine in a certain position so I would not be in severe pain afterwards..


This path that momma (Earth) has put me upon.  I do not know if this is the healing from within that I saw in the girl with cancer..  or if one of my friends has the 'energy signature' that provides healing for the spine..  but I know I am healing..


In the journey ahead, I still have the diabetes and the thyroid that needs the healing...  the diabetes comes in waves.  I just passed through a wave and asked for their healing prayers for it....  the thyroid I have not seen any noticable healing..  yet...


If anyone wants to join us, we are here healing each other:!/groups/147258015343279?id=164897... 


It is a Sacred Walk we make to heal each other and Heal the Earth...

Comment by shirley anne matchee on July 10, 2011 at 11:59pm

this brings me peace and understand my own,of how i have to reach out for help but cannot help myself..


Comment by Maureen on July 2, 2011 at 1:32pm
I am also looking for other groups where I can share this message.. It will assist in opening up the path, and I will bear witness to the other singers as they too will hear this song being sung within the collective soul of humanity.  We are One.  No one person is the original, it is more like as a collective soul many think the same thoughts at the same time...  so of course I want to connect with the others who are being given the same message..  so I can pass theirs forward too..  and we can strengthen the prayer of healing each other..  in the original authentic way it is suppose to be done...  we were always suppose to heal each other..  and in the body I do not see a charge for this.  I see this as a natural function...  we all want the Earth to heal, so many wounds have we inflicted upon Earth's body.... Can you imagine bearing witness as she is healed from the inside out?
Comment by Maureen on July 2, 2011 at 1:15pm

I am honored Raymond..  I have never left my nest or ventured far away, have never left the United States.. but thank you, 



Comment by Raymond Hermenet on July 2, 2011 at 12:44pm
Hi Maureen,
If you are able to come to Panama my family would welcome you into our home.
Raymond Hermenet

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