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Understanding the Power of Prayer and Natural Laws

Many find a difficulty in believing in the effectiveness and power of prayer because they think that answers to prayer would involve interference with the laws of nature. An analogy may help to remove this difficulty. If a magnet is held over some iron filings,  the filings will fly upwards and cling to it, but this involves no interference with the law of gravity. The force of gravity continues to act on the filings just as before. What has happened is that a superior force has been brought into play—another force whose action is just as regular, real and calculable as that of gravity.  Prayer brings into action " Higher Forces ", as yet comparatively little known. Yet, there is no reason to believe that these " Higher Forces " are less real in their action than the physical forces. The difference is that they have not yet been fully studied and experimentally investigated, and their action appears mysterious and incalculable because of our lack of understanding.


Another question that some find perplexing is that prayer seems too feeble a force to produce the great results that are often shared by those who pray. Another analogy may serve to clear up this question, as well.  A small force, when applied to the sluice gate of a large dam, may release and regulate an enormous flow of water-power, or, when applied to the steering gear of an ocean liner, may control the course of a huge vessel.  The power that brings about answers to our prayers is the inexhaustible Power of Wakan Tanka, the Great Spirit .The part of those that pray is only to exert the feeble and humble force necessary to release the flow or determine the course of the Divine Bounty, which is ever ready to serve those who have learned how to draw upon it.

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