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After on-going violation of Nation to Nation Treaties  by the Governments of Canada and then US, and Multi-national Oil Companies, not only in Canada and the US but, globally as well, it is clear that closing down any dimension of the Alberta Tar Sands and related Pipe Lines and Tankers, or ending  other environmental destruction occurring on Indigenous Territories everywhere on Mother Earth, will take  unbreakable, unified action of First Nations, Native American and Indigenous Communities globally, Environmental Organizations, Citizen's of Canada and the US, as well as, related International Support, never before seen or actualized. This unity will only be achieved by fully revitalizing, standing together and acting from within an Indigenous Legal Order, as reflected by Treaties and Declarations like, the International Treaty to Protect the Sacred from Tar Sands Projects,the Save the Frazier Declaration, the Yinka-Dene Alliance and the Rights of Mother Earth, in coordination with supportive dimensions of the  International Legal Order. It has been demonstrated, time after time, that this needed unity and principle-centered action for social and environmental justice will not be able to be realized through the Canadian, US or other Legal Orders of Nation States that continue to destroy Mother Earth.

Unless this Unity in Diversity, based in the full consciousness of the Oneness of the Human Family and all Life, is achieved, all that is envisioned in regard to the full development of the Tar Sands, including Pipe Lines and Oil Tankers, by the Governments of Canada and the US, the Multinational Oil Companies and other related supporters, will be actualized in short order. Only a level of unity, never before achieved or, in some cases, even imagined, will be able to stop these unsustainable, environmentally destructive and devastating forces, centred in an ideology of privilege, elitism, materialism and economic gain, at whatever the cost. If allowed to continue, these unsustainable, environmentally destructive and devastating global forces will very negatively and profoundly impact our Human Family and Mother Earth for many, many generations to come. It is more than time for unified, principle-centered, global action to Protect and Restore the Sacred.

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Comment by Michelle Morning Star Doherty on February 27, 2012 at 2:00pm

Well said!

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