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Truth and Reconciliation Commission's Interim Report

Over the past two years, the Commission has made it a priority to take every opportunity to hear directly from the people most affected by the residential school system: the students and staff who worked in the schools. In this interim report, it is not possible to summarize all that the Commission was told. But, for a variety of reasons, including the advanced age of many of the former students, the Commissioners believe certain messages must be relayed to Canadians now.

Truth and Reconciliation Commission's Interim Report


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Comment by Stephen Bamford on April 7, 2012 at 10:24am

I finally mustered the energy to read this document and from the looks of it, it bears reading several more times to begin to comprehend its depth and the many forces that shaped it. 


For those in the United States, we could stand to learn a great deal from our friends in the Fair North Country, Canada.  The U.S. history requires a lot of reconciliation and while the Canadian template, formed in this document, might not be perfect, (and what is perfect?) it looks to me to be a good start. 


This is a model for the world and it looks like other countries, like Brazil, whose government is decimating its First Nations' environment, and other countries' governments doing the same to their peoples, the lessons acknowledged in the awful history on this continent might serve to prevent these things from going too far and perhaps even stopping them. 


This is good work, this sharing.  Thank you for your great kindness in bringing these matters to the people.  Many blessings to you and yours. 

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