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There Is Nothing To Support The Contentions And Prejudices Deranging The Religious Communities Of Humankind

If humanity has come to a point of paralyzing conflict it must look to itself, to its own negligence, to the siren voices to which it has listened, for the source of the misunderstandings and confusion perpetrated in the name of religion. Those who have held blindly and selfishly to their particular orthodoxies, who have imposed on their followers erroneous and conflicting interpretations of the pronouncements of their particular Spiritual Teachers, bear heavy responsibility for this confusion—a confusion compounded by the artificial barriers erected between faith and reason, science and religion. For from a fair-minded examination of the actual utterances of the Founders of the great religions, and of the social milieus in which they were obliged to carry out their missions, there is nothing to support the contentions and prejudices deranging the religious communities of humankind and therefore all human affairs. UHJ

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Comment by wilda asimont on September 19, 2010 at 10:29pm
We need to keep speaking peace....the words we use are very powerful. I have been recently doing a clearing and releasing process which clears the mind of past bad experiences. the idea being those experiences and what comes up for us with others is all data, in other words memories and we just keep repeating those patterns based on that data.. It harms us and others.

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