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The FWII Mother Ship Launched On June 21, As Promised. Now Moving Into Warp Speed !

FWII Mother Ship Launched On June 21, 2010, As Promised. Now Moving Into Warp Speed!

Dear Relatives,

The FWII Mother Ship has taken off and is moving, as promised. These are our some of Mother Ships new capacities, in terms of sharing FWII's perspectives, prayers, prophecies, visions, stories, media (blogs,videos,podcasts news releases.) forums, councils and events of our FWII Community, in support of Mother Earth, the Reunion of the Condor and the Eagle, the 4th Way, our future generations and all our relatives.Their are other new innovations and related developments we will share over the next few months.

Phase 1: Each time there is a new post, a blog, video, forum or new event, it will be posted automatically to about a dozen websites, including Twitter and Facebook. Each new post is also "pinged" altering about 5 search engines, including Google, that has been updated.

Phase 2: For very important, hot items,( Red Alerts ) we can reach out to another 100 social websites, including the social news sites like Digg, Propeller and Reddit. This is reserved for special announcements from FWII to maintain a clear and consistent voice. These are submited manually by our Engineering Crew, lead by my nephew,Tom Litchfield.The Mother Ship's new engineering capacity only takes only a few moments and the click of a few buttons to share hot items globally. Engineeing is contacted by email or Skype when have a "RED ALERT - All senior officers to the bridge!" As we move forward we will share with other interested FWII Crew Members how you or anyone else can do these kind of amplified broadcasts.

Phase 3: Engineering has downloaded the mapping software to access FWII documents from the download. These include about 70 FWII file attachments. Engineering will begin posting these on various document sharing websites this week.Ultimately,40 years of community development and training materials, articles, reports , power points, and other related materials will be shared in a Collective Commons process via the Mother Ship.

Phase 4: Key past FWII document postings, and videos, will be broadcast broadcast to about 50 websites to establish a context of new, on-going communications, If we want to reference any of these documents or videos in a blog post on, we can blast it out the another 100 social sites mentioned in Phase 2. We can start with the YouTube videos on The FWII account. Those that are not on yet,we can eventually make a blog post about each one and Engineering can blast all or a few of them out to over 100 sites.

Engineering has now set up about 200 or more websites for the purpose of getting FWII's message out to large numbers of the Human Family everywhere on Mother Earth. It's going to take a little time getting this down to a solid routine where everything is working smoothly. Right now Phase 1 and 2 are "on", it may take a few weeks to reach maximum overdrive.

FWII Web Broadcasting Capabilities

The following is a summary of the different types of websites that is broadcasting to. Some posting happens automatically, most is done semi-automatically.

There are over 200 websites on this summary and more are being added each week. Please note that this does not mean each blog post goes out to all 200 websites. Many websites are unstable, due to traffic spikes and other issues. Our expertise shows that we can hit an average of 80% on a broadcast. We can increase the percentage by resubmitting any failed posts. Each site on this list has been posted to at least once, with some sites publishing over a hundred posts from (at the time of this writing).

Missing from this summary are article directories. Submitting articles to sites like,, will begin in a few weeks. We will target 10 to start and scale up from there.
There are also press release sites that can be used on occasion for special announcements and news.

Daily Auto-posting from FWII to Social Blogs and Social Bookmarking Sites (Web 2.0 Sites)
New blog posts and events are automatically posted to the following websites as they are added to
Google Buzz

Daily Automated FWII Blog Pinging
Pinging lets search engines know when something has been updated on We have a service that checks the site twice a day for updates, when it find one it alerts these websites:
and about 5 more services

RSS Aggregators’s RSS feeds for blog posts, events and videos have been submitted to the following RSS news aggregators, along with RSS feeds of YouTube and other Web 2.0 FWII account profiles.
and 20+ more

Semi-Automatic posting from FWII to Social Blogs and Social Bookmarking Sites (Web 2.0 Sites)
These sites are reserved for special broadcasts. An article, video, or blog post from may be selected for posting to the following sites:

and about 50 more sites

Video Sharing Websites
FWII original videos are distributed to video sharing websites, such as YouTube. This is another semi-automated process, we use the Heyspread service to distribute videos to 10 different video sharing sites:
and 7 others

Document Sharing Websites
FWII documents and presentations are distributed to document sharing websites, such as This is a completely manual process, document are added to the sharing sites as they become known to the team.

and 7 more sites

I leave for Bankok at 2 AM this morning via Hong Kong. We will be having indepth meetings with our DSN and Mother Ship Enginering Team. These and other new Mother Ship developments and innovations will be further discussed, vetted and refined. Again ,your input and participation is warmly welcomed. For those of you who have already indicated interest or signed on to be Crew Members, by my return on July 19, we will have developed a design and process that will clarify how all can participate and share together on the operation, expansion, refinement and direction of all Mother Ship operations and emerging innovations To add input please go into the FWII Forum and type in Mother Ship.


With Warm And Loving Greetings,

Brother Phil

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Comment by Judiann on July 4, 2010 at 1:29am
Comment by Carmen Funcia on June 29, 2010 at 11:14am
Comment by Virginia Viles on June 28, 2010 at 1:32pm
Wow, thank you, what an achievement!
Comment by winyan luta on June 28, 2010 at 1:09pm
You never cease to amaze me Phil!
Comment by Mike Peiman on June 28, 2010 at 10:25am
Excellent update! Thank you for providing the detailed actions and info as well, it makes the process real for me. I know of some websites and documents regarding energy technologies which I would like to share. It is far too much information for me to validate and some may be wrong or erroneous, but some will be valuable and should be in the hands of many so it cannot be lost. How can I share this?

Also, small suggestion, perhaps it would be worth putting a link in the main menu bar to "Mothership" so it is accessible directly from any FWII page?

Thank you and everyone involved for the vision and work put into this.
Comment by Firewoman on June 28, 2010 at 8:56am
At your service!! Hope and love, Firewoman, 2 Hats and Starwalker

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