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Friend, do it this way.

When a man stands in the hoop of the people,

he must to be responsible

because he does not stand-alone.

Many others stand behind him,

depending on him, praying for his success.

Not only his living relatives but also

those who have gone on to the spiritual world

and those who are yet unborn;

all of these stand with him.

And so when a man stands in the hoop of the people,

he must be responsible.

And when he has need and wants to serve the people

he must ask for what he needs

with a pure heart of the Creator.

And when he asks what he needs in that way to serve the people,

he must have no trace of doubt

that what he has asked

will be given to him

according to his needs.

Then exactly as he has asked,

that is the way it will be.

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Comment by Karen on June 14, 2010 at 4:35am
Miigwetch for this teaching. It is something I believe yet struggle to live. I constantly have to be shown again and again and the thing is I am always shown, yet I continue to struggle. Again, I am hearing this. I am struggling to support my elderly father right now and have been praying. Today, I will trust that all will work out. Again, miigwetch!

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