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I would like to share a part of the vision for the pilgrimage so that others understand what we are doing and the steps we are taking. A lot of details are left out so that this does not turn into a book, so I will try to be as short and clear as possible. In the spring of 2013 I was in Paonia Colorado and had a vision of a gathering of universal knowledge based off of our original teachings, I started drawing a diagram of the layout of the gathering and noticed it was turning into a mandala or medicine wheel. The mandala\medicine wheel has become a school within itself over the last three years and plays a very important role in the success of our goal. The more I work on it the more knowledge and downloads I receive, the more I remember. It can only be filled in as the knowledge is received, and from the center out, their is a pattern to it. Over time I have learned that I am connected to Hopi and that I was to deliver this mandala/medicine wheel to Grandfather Martin Gashwesoma. In February 2014 I hitch hicked from Montana to Hopi, I introduced my energy to the lands their and looked for Grand Father Martin. Grand Father Martin was not their, all I knew was he was somewhere around Sedona and was in poor health, so I went searching for him. It took me several months but I eventually found him in a nursing home outside of Sedona. I presented the mandala/medicine wheel to Grandfather Martin, I told him that it could not be completely filled in untill the four groups come together. I also made a commitment to him that I will unite the tribes and bring them back to Hopi. In December of 2015 I was in Montana and had another vision of a huge pilgrimage of all cultures around the Rocky Mountains connecting the first nations, uniting our original teachings, educating and restoring the communities that we travel through. In January of 2016 I decided to go back to Hopi and share the vision and ask permission to bring people back to help restore Orivi and the surrounding villages. I was also going their for other purposes but I am going to stick to the caravan aspect. Once agin I hitch hiked from Montana to Hopi. I arrived at Orivi on January 3rd 2016. My ride dropped me off at Orivi where two brothers live. Instantly the two brothers took me into their home. They told me that they have been expecting a red beard to come and help them restore their village. After this I shared the vision of the caravan and the pilgrimage to them, and asked permission to bring people back to help restore their village. They were very interested as what I was sharing falls in line with their visions and beliefs. Their only concern was what tribes and what kind of people would be coming. I assured them that the pilgrimage would work as a filter so that the right people would come in the right way, a sacred way. They asked me how long it would take to make it back to Hopi and I said maybe two years. These two Brothers have been commited to holding onto Orivi and keeping it in a traditional manner as Orivi is a sacred place. However others are trying to take over Orivi and do as they please with it. These two brothers had decided before I showed up that they would give it two more years before handing it over to the tribal government, as they are wearing thin, once agin both of our intentions are in line with one another. So we agreed on returning in two years. They asked me if they can take the vision of the pilgrimage to their traditionalist tribal councel and I said yes, so they did. They liked the vision, and would like to see this happen but once agin they are some what skeptical on who will come and weather we are true and one heart and will actually return as most dont. They would like us to keep them updated on the pilgrimage and what tribes will arrive their. They would like for us to send others to go their during our journey to help out around the village and they may come visit us on the pilgrimage when they are not in ceremony. They are strongly seeking outside help as they are close to loosing their village. A few days after I had arrived at Hopi my wife, Arianna, met up with me at Orivi and we stayed with these two brothers for two weeks. They gave her an ear of blue corn and asked her to go back to the Flathead lands in Montana to do a ceremony with the water their. They gave her some instructions on how to do so. After we left We went to Colorado to do some more work for the caravan. Arianna went back to Montana for a month and I waited in Colorado to hold space. She did the water ceremony and then came back to Colorado to pick me up. From their we went to the Zuni lands in New Mexico and picked up some Zuni salt for our friends at Hopi. Then we went to a gathering in Arizona to share the vision. After the gathering we went to Phoenix to get a school bus for the pilgrimage. On our way back to Montana we went back to Hopi to deliver the water from Montana and the salt from Zuni. They seemed pleased and suprized that we had returned. We have now begun our journey on this great hoop around the Rockies.
This is only one aspect of the vision, but it is a priority focused and Hopi is the half way point around the hoop. Their are others that we are working with around the hoop, their is a collective effort with all of this. After Hopi we will be working our way up to Lakota. We intend on repeating this process with the other nations around the hoop. We call this pilgrimage, A pilgrimage to peace and freedom because we see Hopi as peace and Lakota as freedom. We ask for all those who share this vision to please come join us on this sacred journey. Their are many out their that are in need of our help and it is within our power to do so. These are steps towards establishing a solid foundation for our future generations. Our ancestors have always been insistant on sticking together and sticking to our original teachings. Without unity we are weak, and without our original teaching we have no solid foundation. We are currently outside of Kallispell Montana. We have a base camp on ten acres on the flathead river. Their is currently three humans, one horse, one dog and eight puppies. We will be here for another month or so before heading towards the kootenai nation in Northern Idaho. If you share this vision and/or would like to help or apply your part of the vision your welcome to come join us at any time as this is a full time focused for us. Weather you can join us or not any loving energy that can be sent our way is greatly appreciated. May we all come together as on tribe. Kwakwai. ( Thank you )
~ Rainbow Hunting Wolf ~

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