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Prayer for our Mother Earth, 1:21pm, June 21,2010, From Heart of Lucas Saul

A prayer for our Mother Earth, 1:21pm, June 21,2010, from the Heart of Lucas Saul

Wakan Tanka ,Tunkashila, Unci Maka, Tate Topiya,
Anpetu Waste Pilamayelo.
Hoye Wakan Yapi, Hoksila Lucas.
Hau Tunkashila Unci Maka, Wocekiye.
Pejuta Wakan Unci Maka Mni, Wakan Tanka.
Canku Luta Ogna Mani Yelo, Chante Waste, wocekiye waste Wicasa, Winyan.
Pilamaye Tunkashila, Unci Maka.
Unsimala Tunkashila.
Wichoni Waste Wopila Tanka Tunkashila, Unci Maka!
Mitakuye Oyasin!

Great Mystery, Grandfather, Grandmother Earth, Four Winds,
Thank you for this good day.
You Son Lucas is sending a sacred voice,
To you Grandfather, Grandmother, I send a prayer.
A prayer for sacred medicine to heal our Grandmothers waters, Great Mystery.
Many Men and Women walk the Red road with good hearts and good prayers,
Thank you for this Grandfather, Grandmother.
Have pity on us Grandfather.
A big thank you for our good life Grandfather, Grandmother.
To All our Relations!

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Comment by Starchild on June 21, 2010 at 6:43pm
Beautiful prayer. Much blessings and let the healing begin.

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