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At times, the simplest things to see, seem to be the hardest things to See. I know this is so for me. Because, only when I let go of the all about me experience, do I See the Powerful and fulfilling nature of this Loving Aspect of Us as  Original Experiencers.

When I let go of the egocentric aspect of me, the Love Door swung open. When I focus only on me, than the love door shuts tight. I would so much Love to Experience again the Time when our language did not include the words me and I, which are so ego based.

Separation from Our Source, by an impulsive desire, placed Us here. It put a Pull on Our Hearts.  But that is most likely because We never really wanted to leave Home, instead just to explore. Perhaps this is just the Way It Goes to See the Fullness of It All, involving ourselves, directly, which means becoming, entangled....

Focusing on this Awakening State, Produces Love Lessons that reactivate Our Original Creator State, within Us right Now. The Lesson to be Learned is Realized when We get It and want to go Home. We are, right Now, again in the Love State, as Our DNA is being reactivated, which was partially turned off a long time ago, on this topic of True Love.

So, We can go on Now, in this most Amazing Way, to get back Home and just Trust in Our heart of Hearts that Love will Prevail. As Creators, Our Desire is a Heartfelt Request to go Home. We do Now What We Came for Here for in the Most Respectful of Manners.

As We Look through the Veil, so thin, and See Now that We are Thick with the Love and Light; We get It. Black is absent from Light. Shine Your Inner Light to Dissolve the dark and become Centered. Our Path is Illuminated when Looking at It in this Way. In this small way, We build the Big Way.

My Mom and Dad would go on road trips. I was very young and would look out the window of the car. Mostly I looked at the road. It was moving fast and many sparkles filled my eyes. Hard to focus. I would get car sick. Yuck!

Next the car seemed not to be moving so fast, just the road. A different perspective held me. In this way of Seeing I was Way Finding. Much like Seafaring, looking to find a destination, as if in a Vessel on the Sea of Life.

The Polynesians had Way Finders. These men sat in the Catamarans or Vakkas and told the Tills Men to pull left or right or hold steady. For the Way Finder, the boat was still and the Earth was moving. They had The Way in their Hearts. They grew up in Love with the Sea. No maps, Ever. They pulled the Island up as They were going from Here to There on the Sea.

So the next time my Mom and Dad went back to a place We had been before, I was able to tell them the turns. This was highly amusing to them but I knew the Way. I just looked at the Road. Been there before, no big deal. Hold on to that.

We have been Here Before. This Time for Us is Now. We  have Walked this Path before, in an Ancestral Way, Seeing the Sights, Experiencing the feel of it All.  When We Tread again This Sacred Path, We walk on the Earth Mother’s Skin. She is a Loving One and allows this, Liking the Feel of Our Feet on Her Skin, from which We Came.

 She Speaks and We Listen. She speaks in a profound Manner, just go and Seek the Reward. It is about Love,  In this place of Love We Shine, and Will Produce, in the most Loving Manner, the next issue of Our Children, for the Many Future Generations to Come.


Little Man

 Now, there is this. We, as Little Men and Woman, can recombine to become Bigger Ones. The Time to do this is Now, for this result to happen. We can recombine, to be Big again. The Sun is Bright and Shining White, the Earth is Warm and kindly Pole Shifting. We should just go for it, to get back there, in an harmonic way, to detangle.


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