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I wonder what makes people appear and dissappear. I wrote a book that got published in Oxford, England. I got a MA degree in conflict resolution. I paid rent, showed up where I am supposed to show up and went to the places I go every day doing my life. I am an elder challenged with being an elder in this crazy world away from the tribal way of life---I am alone and facing my 'dirt bath' soon enough. This does not scare me as I am a spiritual being in constant transistion on my way to transforming into something more spiritual as I go through phases in this life and the one to come. My friend challenged me to catch up on my blogs, write and share my bad self with you out there. I don't get many comments or feedback when I do reach out so I think I have allowed myself to get a bit discouraged---perhaps even apathetic. Apathy is a horrible disease unto itself and upon reflection guess it was not apathy but perhaps dissapointment---perhaps it was or is---well---it really does not matter---I am here now recording my thoughts to anyone who want to receive them. My life is a prettty good one in spite of life 101 and its crap---and I remain grateful and curious and I really do want to know what all you have been up to---looking forward to the shares---and as Chief Phil reminds us we are sharing from within, working toward all circles with hands and hearts reaching out---good to be a part of the healing Mother Earth receives just now---good to be part of the healing She gives us---me---much love to all---Grace Growing Medicine

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Comment by Rhonda on October 6, 2015 at 6:04am

Grace, I hear your words. Apathy and a terrible need to rush through the days tear us from each other. thank you for leaving these words for me to find today. Many blessings to you. -rhonda

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