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Indigenous Peoples Across the Americas Call for Urgent and Unified Action for Protecting and Restoring the Sacred at Rio+20

An Indigenous Call for Urgent and Unified Action to All Members of the Human Family for Protecting and Restoring the Sacred

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

June 13, 2012


The spiritual foundation of the International Indigenous Leadership Gathering is based in the understanding of the fundamental oneness and unity of all life. All members of the Human Family are all part of the ancient Sacred Circle of Life. Since we are all part of the Sacred Circle of Life we are all Indigenous Peoples of Mother Earth. This makes every Human Being responsible for the well-being of one another and for all living things upon our Mother Earth.

Therefore, whether or not the nation states, multinational corporations or international development agencies that surround us are willing or able to participate with us at this time, it is clear our Indigenous Peoples and Allies are moving forward in rebuilding and reunifying the Americas and beyond, through the Natural Laws and Guiding Principles that are inherent in our Indigenous World View and Legal Order that are based on a spiritual enduring, eternal foundation.

1. We have the ancient prophecies and the clear vision of a future of social justice and collective prosperity for the Americas and beyond that we are in the process of manifesting. This new global civilization that is unfolding, as promised by the Ancient Ones and the Ancient of Days,  fully honors the Natural Laws and Rights of Mother Earth and the Unity and Diversity of Human Family.  This New Spiritual Springtime foretold by our Elders is now unfolding globally, as sure as the sun rises every morning.

2. We have a strong, enduring and unbreakable spiritual foundation of cultural values and guiding principles that are empowering us to arise to our promised destiny, with greater strength and wisdom than ever before, after a great spiritual wintertime. This long spiritual wintertime was filled, at times, with the utmost human cruelty, violence, injustice, abuse, and physical and cultural genocide.

Despite these challenges, throughout the Americas and around Mother Earth, our Indigenous Peoples are reawakening to their spiritual and cultural identities and are healing our Sacred Relationships between ourselves, Mother Earth and all members of the Human Family.

3. Together, with our other Indigenous Peoples and other Members of the Human Family, we have the cultural, spiritual, scientific, technological, social, environmental, economic and agricultural capacities and wisdom needed to co-create and rebuild our Families, Tribes and Nations stronger and more unified than ever before.

4. Our Indigenous Peoples of Mother Earth have the growing collective social and economic capital, coupled with vast natural resources, to bring our greatest dreams and visions to reality. This includes fully protecting, preserving, and restoring our Beloved Mother as the sacred heritage of all generations, yet to come!

Furthermore it is crystal clear that these collective resources are in the process of empowering us to become a primary spiritual and economic force, not only in the Americas, but throughout Mother Earth.

We are now and are destined in the future to play a greater and greater role as key global leaders in wisely mandating the sustainable and harmonious ways Mother Earth's gifts and resources will or will not be developed! We will insure that when the development of the natural resources of Mother Earth are not sustainable, no matter how much profit is to be made, they will not be exploited!

Our Sacred Places and the Healthful Life of our Beloved Mother Earth are not for sale and exploitation for any price!

5. We, the Indigenous Peoples of the Eagle of the North (Canada and the U.S.) have the material resources to directly support our Indigenous Relatives of the Condor of the South (Latin America) in developing their collective resources, as they choose. The Condor of the South equally has critical resources to share with the Eagle of the North. Our greatest strength yet to be fully realized is our spiritual and cultural unity.

6.  By utilizing emerging  digital communications technologies and corresponding green technologies and economies, in harmony with our vast, collective social, economic, cultural and spiritual capacities, we are manifesting, as promised, a future with social, environmental and economic justice for all members of the Human Family and our Beloved Mother Earth!

7. The primary challenge that stands before us as Indigenous Peoples and we as a Human Family, in rebuilding the Americas, and beyond, is disunity. This disunity has been directly caused by genocide and colonialism. This genocide and colonization has resulted in unresolved inter-generational trauma and internalized oppression that is in the process of being fully recognized and addressed.

 As we move courageously and wisely forward, in greater and greater love, compassion, justice and unity, we are reconnecting to our  enduring and unbreakable spiritual and cultural foundation for healing, reconciliation and collective action for “Protecting and Restoring the Sacred " everywhere on  Mother Earth.

With the realization of this spiritual and cultural foundation for prayerful, wise and unified action, all that is needed for our ultimate victory will gracefully and assuredly unfold at the right times and places, as foretold by our Ancient Ones.


Four Worlds Indigenous Guiding Principles for Building Sustainable and Harmonious Prosperity in the Americas and Beyond

The Sixteen Principles for building a sustainable and harmonious world community emerged from a 40-year process of reflection, consultation and action within Indigenous communities across the Americas. They are rooted in the concerns of hundreds of Indigenous Elders Spiritual Leaders and Community Members, as well as, in the best thinking of many non- Indigenous scholars, researchers and human and community development practitioners.

These guiding principles constitute the foundation for the process of healing and developing ourselves (mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually), our human relationships (personal, social, political, economic, and cultural) and our relationship with Mother Earth. They describe the way we must work and what we must protect and cherish.

We offer these Guiding Principles as a gift to all who seek to build a sustainable and harmonious Global community.


We speak as one, guided by the sacred teachings and spiritual traditions of the Four Directions that uplift, guide, protect, warn, inspire and challenge the entire human family to live in ways that sustain and enhance human life and the lives of all who dwell on Mother Earth, and hereby dedicate our lives and energies to healing and developing ourselves, the web of relationships that make our world, and the way we live with Mother Earth.


Starting from within, working in a circle, in a sacred manner, we heal and develop ourselves, our relationships and our world.


Human Beings Can Transform Their Worlds
The web of our relationships with others and the natural world, which has given rise to the problems we face as a human family, can be changed.

Development Comes From Within
The process of human and community development unfolds from within each person, relationship, family organization, community or nation.

No Vision, No Development
A vision of who we can become and what a sustainable world would be like, works as a powerful magnet, drawing us to our potential.

Healing Is A Necessary Part Of Development
Healing the past, closing up old wounds and learning healthy habits of thought and action to replace dysfunctional thinking and disruptive patterns of human relations is a necessary part of the process of sustainable development.


Everything is connected to everything else; therefore, any aspect of our healing and development is related to all the others (personal, social, cultural, political, economic, etc.). When we work on any one part, the whole circle is affected.

No Unity, No Development
Unity means oneness. Without unity, the common oneness that makes (seemingly) separate human beings into ‘community’ is impossible. Disunity is the primary disease of community.

No Participation, No Development
Participation is the active engagement of the minds, hearts and energy of the people in the process of their own healing and development.

Every person (regardless of gender, race, age, culture, religion, sexual orientation) must be accorded equal opportunity to participate in the process of healing and development, and to receive a fair share of the benefits.


Human beings are both material and spiritual in nature. It is therefore inconceivable that human community could become whole and sustainable without bringing our lives into balance with the requirements of our spiritual nature.

Morals and Ethics
Sustainable human and community development requires a moral foundation centered in the wisdom of the heart. When this spiritual  foundation is lost, morals and ethical principles decline and development stops.

The Hurt of One Is the Hurt of All: The Honor of One Is the Honor Of All
The basic fact of our oneness as a human family means that development for some at the expense of well being for others is not acceptable or sustainable.

Authentic Development Is Culturally Based

Healing and development must be rooted in the wisdom, knowledge and living processes of the culture of the people.


Human beings are learning beings. We begin learning while we are still in our mother’s wombs, and unless something happens to close off our minds and paralyze our capacities, we keep learning throughout our entire lives. Learning is at the core of healing and development.

To sustain something means to enable it to continue for a long time. Authentic development does not use up or undermine what it needs to keep on going.

Move to the Positive
Solving the critical problems in our lives and communities is best approached by visualizing and moving into the positive alternative that we wish to create, and by building on the strengths we already have, rather than on giving away our energy fighting the negative.

Be the Change You Want To See
The most powerful strategies for change always involve positive role modeling and the creation of living examples of the solutions we are proposing. By walking the path, we make the path visible.

With Warm, and Loving Greetings of Solidarity,

Herditary Chief Phil Lane Jr., Chairman,

Four Worlds International Institute - Telephone- 1-604-542-8991-Skype- planejr1234

Starting from within, working in a circle, in a sacred manner, we heal and develop ourselves, our relationships and our world

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Comment by Vandy Savage on June 18, 2012 at 11:59pm

Thank you for your wisdom,  leadership, and courage. May the world open its ears and heart to hear your message.

Comment by Shalahnia Riversong on June 17, 2012 at 4:54pm

How can we connect to the Live Stream you spoke of on No Bones About it this afternoon ~ 6-17-12

Forgive me if this is a repeat.

Comment by Shalahnia Riversong on June 17, 2012 at 1:42pm

Many Thanks for sharing the photos. It makes me almost feel as if I am there!

I am grateful for the men using their medicine out in the world,  I am also grateful for  the women holding the inner sacred space, that is the way of  balance ~ may balance be returned to all our relations.

Many Blessings

Prayers going out for all of the healing work going on at this time!

Comment by Stephen Bamford on June 17, 2012 at 4:34am

While browsing Yahoo this morning I came across this photojournal article at:  I thought I would pass it along to you.  I was a bit disappointed though because I think it should be front page there and all over the place. 

Comment by Kathie Wallace on June 16, 2012 at 8:02pm

The moving for healing is everywhere. It cannot stop. Phil, thank you for the unfolding healing you are doing and for being on the planet at this time. Yes to life for all for all time on a level playing field!

Comment by david russell beach on June 16, 2012 at 7:14pm

Many thanks, Phil.

Your positivity is stupendous.

Comment by Lee Mason on June 16, 2012 at 5:46pm

It warms my heart to know that a great change is upon us and that we are all integral parts of that change. Whenever I work with our young people I always encourage them to become the change they want to see in their community. I ask you Brother Phil for permission to share your teachings with the young people across Canada.

I am going to be in a particularly troubled community June 25-29 and I believe they need to hear this, I would also like to leave them with a copy, with full acknowledgement to the author of course. Please let me know via email at

Comment by Cam Fehr on June 16, 2012 at 4:30pm

God bless all the Good Works going on right now, there and around the world in this regard and bestow grace and wisdom upon you and your deliberations. What you do is for all of us, for all life. Thank you.

Comment by Robin Lee on June 16, 2012 at 4:07pm

This isn't the same as Agenda 21 is it?

Comment by Stephen Bamford on June 16, 2012 at 4:01pm

Thank you Chief Lane, for this eloquent translation of this great document into English.  I can only imagine how wonderful it is in Lakota, Dakota, Nakota and all the other beautiful languages of our relations in the land of the Condor.  It is gratifying to read these words and to know this profound work is going on.  Perhaps now, those in the dominant cultures will hear these words and begin to work in earnest to protect our Mother and respect all life as sacred and treat all her beings as part of the sacred.  Many blessings and many thanks. 

Guiding Principles

Starting From Within, Working in a Circle, in a Sacred Manner, We Heal and Develop Ourselves, Our Relationships, and the World.

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