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> Wikileaks Cable Lays Bare Washington's Stance Toward Bolivia

Dear Relatives,

We have known for many years this is only the tip of the ice berg! We very clearly warned of these kinds of actions by the USA and their potential results in The Fourth Way! There is more to share in the next few days that will make Iraq and Afganistan look like a very "minor conflict" compared to what is unfolding in this Hemisphere if the USA and their allies don't have a major wake-up call and turn to Indigenous Peoples for guidance!

Indigenous Peoples and their allies are not going to allow "Manifest Destiny" to occur again! We have a collective choice! The Fourth Way or deeping conflict! There is more to follow to fully support these words of heart-felt compassion and experience.

Warm Love and Greetings,

Brother Phil

> Wikileaks Cable Lays Bare Washington's Stance Toward Bolivia

> The Ambassador Has No Clothes


> A

> classified cable from the US embassy in La Paz, Bolivia released by

> WikiLeaks lays bare an embassy that is biased against the Evo Morales

> government, underestimates the sophistication of the governing party’s

> grassroots base, and out of touch with the political reality of the

> country.


> The recently released January 23, 2009 cable, entitled “Bolivia’s

> Referendum: Margin of Victory Matters,” analyzes the political

> landscape of the country in the lead up to the January 2009 referendum

> on the country’s new constitution, and was sent to all US embassies in

> South America and various offices in Washington.

> In 2006, the leftist union leader and politician Evo Morales was

> inaugurated as Bolivia’s first indigenous president.

> Since his election he and members of his party, the Movement Toward

> Socialism (MAS), have partially nationalized gas reserves, enacted

> land reform and convoked an assembly to rewrite the country’s constitution.

> Following years of debates among assembly members, this constitution

> was passed in a national referendum on January 25, 2009.

> The US embassy cable released by WikiLeaks that was written during

> the politically-charged days leading up to this vote shows a

> mischaracterization on the part of embassy officials of the MAS

> government and its supporters.

> The cable cites Bolivian newspaper reports that many community

> leaders and their supporters in the Altiplano, the high plains of

> western Bolivia, where much of the MAS support lies, had not even read

> the constitution, and instead would simply “take their marching orders

> from the MAS, and vote for the constitution.” Many had not read the

> document out of, according to the US embassy, “disinterest, blind

> faith in Evo Morales' political project, and illiteracy.” The cable

> describes one meeting between members of the US embassy and Bolivian

> political officials who “lamented the way the MAS had ‘cheated’ and

> ‘fooled’ campesinos into believing Morales was himself truly

> indigenous or cared about indigenous issues.” The officials said the

> MAS popularity was due to “‘vertical control’ in the countryside...”


> These are all inaccurate portrayals of the dynamics of the MAS party

> and its grassroots base. Support for the constitution and the MAS did

> not simply grow out of illiteracy, disinterestedness, blind faith or

> the vertical control of the MAS over its members, as embassy officials

> would have those reading of this cable believe.

> While many social sectors in Bolivia had serious critiques of the

> new constitution, the writing and passage of it was largely the result

> of years of discussions and consultations with constituents. The

> political consciousness among the MAS party base, both rural and

> urban, is highly sophisticated and has benefited from years of social

> mobilizations and a first hand understanding of the needs of the

> impoverished majority of the country. People support the MAS because

> the party speaks to those needs, has opened up political participation

> to marginalized sectors of society, and has developed a political

> project that seeks to empower disenfranchised and indigenous

> communities.

> Such democratic tendencies challenge the economic interests and

> political power of Washington and the Bolivian right. It is telling,

> therefore, that many of the sources the US embassy drew from in this

> cable are members of the Bolivian right and critics of Morales.

> For example, in the cable, the embassy officials cite Bolivia’s

> Santa Cruz Civic Committee as a source on the supposed electoral fraud

> of the MAS. Since Morales’ election, this Civic Committee has risen to

> notoriety as a fierce critic of the MAS government, and is tied to

> Bolivian business elites, racist youth groups, and acts of violent

> repression against indigenous activists and MAS supporters.

> According to the released cable, US embassy officials were told by

> members of the Santa Cruz Civic Committee that they did not trust

> international electoral observers – including those from the

> Organization of American States, the Carter Center, the United Nations

> and the European Union – because they had “blessed” a August

> 2008 recall vote which empowered Morales with over 60% of the vote.

> Therefore, members of the Civic Committee did “not expect an honest

> review of the constitutional referendum” in January of 2009.

> These views are illustrative for a couple of reasons. For one thing,

> the US embassy, in this diplomatic primer on one of the most important

> votes of the decade in Bolivia, emphasized electoral fraud on the part

> of the MAS where leading international observers saw none. Secondly,

> it looked to the Civic Committee, an organization that is totally

> unrepresentative of the views of the majority of the population, as a

> source on the topic.

> Such misdirection and detachedness from Bolivia’s political reality

> was also demonstrated in a section of the cable which described a

> conflict in the department of Pando, Bolivia in September of 2008.

> Here, the embassy shares the views of an unnamed source:


> "In a conversation with PolOff, xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx alleged

> the MAS deliberately fomented unrest in Pando in September to justify

> a military siege, depose Prefect Leopoldo Fernandez, and arrest

> opposition-aligned leaders to swing the balance of power to the MAS in

> the Senate. Besides disabling the opposition's ability to campaign by

> arresting many of its leaders,xxxxxxxxxxxx alleged the government

> crackdown changed Pando's electoral map by causing hundreds of

> opposition voters to flee to Brazil while importing 2,000 new security

> forces, which xxxxxxxxxxxx claimed were likely MAS voters from the

> Altiplano (Reftel B)."


> This is an egregiously inaccurate portrayal of events. In September

> of 2008, in what Morales called a civic coup attempt, right forces in

> the country mobilized against the MAS government, ransacking human

> rights offices, attacking indigenous people and MAS supporters, and

> destabilizing the country. The most violent manifestation of this

> uprising occurred in Pando, where paramilitaries hired by Pando

> Prefect Leopoldo Fernandez fired on unarmed campesinos marching in

> support of the MAS. Following this upheaval, the US ambassador to

> Bolivia was kicked out of the country by Morales for “conspiring

> against democracy” and funding right wing opposition groups in

> Bolivia.

> This cable provides useful insights into the inner workings of

> Washington’s diplomacy toward Bolivia, and will hopefully be one among

> many more such cables that become available to the public, thus

> spreading awareness about the true tactics of Washington in

> international relations. These revelations have contributed an already

> extensive lack of trust among citizens around the world toward the US

> government.

> According to Bolivian Vice President Álvaro García Linera, this lack

> of trust toward Washington won’t be erased by castigating those who

> downloaded and leaked the documents. It will only be erased, said

> Linera, through “a change of attitude on the part of the North

> American government.”

> Benjamin Dangl is currently based in Paraguay and is the author of

> "The Price of Fire: Resource Wars and Social Movements in Bolivia" (AK

> Press) and the forthcoming books: Dancing with Dynamite: Social

> Movements and States in Latin America (AK Press) and, with co-author

> Chris O’Brien, Bottoms Up: A People's Guide to Beer (PM Press).Email:

> Bendangl(at)gmail(dot)com.


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Comment by Nancy Fanara-Berrian on December 6, 2010 at 12:03pm
Dear Brother Phil,

I sincerely look to your wisdom and leadership and that of the original people. I do believe the time will come when this emperialism will have to come to an end. Does anyone on this group know of or believe in the new world order and the illuminati? According to this theory many goverments have joined intentionally to control resources and people of the entire world and stage many conflicts to play us all as pawns. But messages continue to float around that the illuminati are at the end of their rope and we are dealing with the last of their lashing out. I hope it will end soon. Any thoughts on the connection with this topic and the US and the Illuminati/New World Order? Thankyou. Love and light, Nancy
Comment by Trisha Springstead RN on December 5, 2010 at 6:59pm
Dear Brother Phil,
Thank God for Tom, he is such a dear man. I was raised to love all people no matter what their nationality or religion. I know as a Human, what the other cultures must have gone through. Mother Earth keeps on giving even in the middle of chaos. Sometimes things have to fall apart for them to come together.
Trisha Springstea
Comment by Elvina-Jean Paulson on December 3, 2010 at 7:16pm
Brother Phil

What plans can be laid to save our young children from the claws of Non Light many are falling into this pathway. Elvina
Comment by Elvina-Jean Paulson on December 3, 2010 at 7:14pm
Dear Brother

Like Mother Nature we are Original of this land and our ancestry. Australia denies massacres carried out to the Ancestors. This happened through British colonial imperialism in the first European occupiers and invaders. Since this time historic records document the facts of these atrocities yet, Australians themselves have been blinded with all the world. Let there be peaceful respects. In the Spirit of Women amon Women of Spirit and not to forget the greater love we share with all of our ancient ancestry. I know we have to look beyond humanity of the past and present to reach universal knowing and seeing of our visions. Elvina
Comment by Judiann on December 3, 2010 at 5:54am
Thank you for your post.
Comment by Stephen Bamford on December 3, 2010 at 5:18am
Could it be that lithium, among other things is at the heart of this? I happened to chance upon this at Yahoo! this morning.
Comment by Dr. Tom Termotto on December 2, 2010 at 8:00pm
Brother Phil,
I'm very sorry to say that our country - the USA - has effectively been warring against indigenous peoples around the world since before its founding and right up to the very present.
Somehow they understood that American civilization meant a stamping out of indigenous cultures within their own borders, as well as within the borders of any nation that did not have white skin.
We really wonder out loud what the destiny of such a bellicose and intolerant nation looks like in the upcoming years when every region of the world will be profoundly challenged by Mother Earth herself.
Hopefully a good dose of humility will be taken before that time or else ...
Keep up the Revelation-
Brother Tom

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