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Beloved Friends and Relatives,

Our warm and loving greetings to you and beloved ones.

As most of you know, NING's announcement in April, that they will no longer provide free websites, means the elimination of many of the young peoples' DSN's across Southeast Asia and the same fate for other similar digital initiatives globally. The capacity to build web sites autonomously and at no cost is a non-negotiable requirement of the Global development of Deep Social Networks and the Digital 4th Way.

So we turn in a new direction.

After a thorough review of alternatives to Ning, we've not only found the perfect platform, we found one that virtually mirrors our global vision for building DSN's and the Digital 4th Way, as if it were designed for us. The core architecture of the Trunity Platform provides for a whole new level of interoperability between autonomous websites and content that is at first, completely new, but then seems so obvious once you "see" it.

It is as graceful and simple as it is ambitious.

For instance, Trunity has the capacity to digitally integrate Regional Organizations like ASEAN that consist of 10 Nation States and almost 600 million humans in SE ASIA, both in their national languages, as well as English. Trunity can do the same just as easily for a small NGO, business or regional, national or international organizations of Indigenous Peoples.

The Trunity platform is not only simpler than Ning in many ways, it also is a powerful publishing platform that will allow us to build permanent historical archives, great bodies of educational material and the best of on-line education programs. You can actually build websites that are any combination of other websites and/or other websites' content. You can just as easy add a social networking capacity to your older, more static site.

We will continue to maintain our Ning sites during a very gradual, thoughtful and respectful transition to the Trunity Platform. In this process we will also transfer all content, including all Media, Forums, Councils and other related content.

Cliff Lyon ( is our point of contact for training and support at Trunity. Cliff is looking forward to your questions or request for online training. Please contact him on Skype:clifflyon.

With Warm and Loving Greetings,

Brother Phil
New FWII DSN Platform

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