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Today, March 20th is the new year in the Andean world, also equinox, new moon and solar eclipse... and to honor and celebrate this awesome synchronicity i want to share with you a movie that i made presenting the perfect example of the encounter of an eagle and a condor. 

Filmed last year at the 6th annual International Indigenous Leadership Gathering in Lilooet, this is the encounter of 13 years old Ta'kaiya Blaney from the Tla A'min First Nation and Shairy Quimbo from the Otavalo Nation. This two relatives got together to share and deliver a very important and deep message to the all indigenous youth of the world. 

i pray this video inspire you and at the same time fills you with excitement about the powerful time we are living, and encourage you also to fulfill in your own way the prophecies that speak of the tribe of the many colors and this new time in harmony with mother Earth and all our relations.

Much LOVE and GRATITUDE to all my relations :) huyayay Pachamama! 

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