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Assimilation Blues

Grandmother, I am sad.
Come, sit. Together we will be sad.
Bowed heads, silently honoring the Sad.
Sometimes a song, sometimes a story,
Sometimes silence,
Breathing the Sad,
Heads bowed sitting with the Sad.

The people come,
Tonight we sing until the sun shows,
Acknowledging Sad‚
Tomorrow we laugh and eat,
Honoring the Sad;
continuing life.

Assimilation Mother, I am sad.
Don’t be sad.
Have something sweet to eat, something pretty to buy,
Forget the Sad.

Assimilation Doctor, I am sad.
Sad is not real.
Have a pill,
Hide the Sad.

Assimilation Friend, I am sad.
Tell me about it, details, details.
Open the wound,
Cleanse the Sad.

Grandmother, where are you?
There is no one to honor the Sad.
Grandmother, I remember you.
Now I am Alone, with the Sad.
Alone, with the songs,
Alone, the Sad grows great.
Grandmother, where are you?

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Comment by Native Talisman Art on January 29, 2010 at 7:47pm
Our Indian ways are so powerful...
Comment by Carol Petersen on January 29, 2010 at 4:30pm
Thank you for this
Today has been a sad day for me.
Then I put my shoe and walked stronger than months
Even though I have a bone that is hurting me when I walk
I walked anyway. I thanked the hurt
with love

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