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Grandmother Earth is bleeding to death
What we can do now

Turtle speaks:

"Our Mother Earth is in urgent need of immediate love and support. Her core has been breached and she is bleeding. Unchecked sulphur, oil, and toxic gases in the Gulf of Mexico are giving way to widening fissures that threaten life as we know it, on all the lands and in all the waters we love.

~ It need not be so ~
The Ancient Ones are calling on humankind to go to the waters."

For the sake of our dear mokopuna and generations of grandchildren to come, the time is critical. And so,

Dear human kind.. All Our Relations.. Let us answer the call of the ancestors and join our hearts in intention to curtail the hemorrhage, address the underlying grief and wrong-thinking, and send love to our beloved Grandmother Earth.

THE TIME IS NOW:July 25 through 30, astrological likelihood for further breakdown of old structures such as we have seen is ripe. However, on July 12 (New Zealand time) the sun sextiles Mars, and Venus and Regulus are aligned. We experience a solar eclipse crossing through the Pacific and directly over the emotional, naval center of the earth (Rapanui / Easter Island). We exit the tunnel, which began at the lunar eclipse and Grand Cross on June 26. This will be the opportune window to avert further injury and to begin restoration of our beautiful Mother.

~ We Are Water ~

All things are alive and connected through water. Water is a conscious conduit and instantaneous transmitter of intention. Our intention is that we not go again the way of Atlantis, but to replenish and rejoin our Mother in truth, beauty and harmony.

We call for prayer-gatherings over local waterways throughout the world. This Sunday July 11th at dawn and at dusk in preparation for the great shadow eclipse, and again gathering on Monday the 12th at the actual time of the eclipse: (7:35am NZ time.) Go to for your local time. Those nearby are invited to come to Waikirikiri River at White Cliffs Domain, out of Christchurch, New Zealand at 7:30am, and again at 6pm, both days.

Please share this timely intention worldwide via e-chains and websites. And individually.. beginning immediately, with every morning and evening star.. Let us send from our hearts, messages of deeply felt apology and love, through bright Venus to the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Let us re-imagine, with our hearts, her waters once again crystalline and shimmering with life and light. We need not try to understand how this will be accomplished, but envision it so, with great love. United in purpose, the will of the highest good shall become manifest.

Let it be so.

In gratitude, aroha and in service to our beloved mother Papatūānuku / Gaia

Makere, Mareikura o Waitaha, Juliette Peck, Loraine Web, Rua Pick, Michelle Croft, Diane Cutler Remy Kiehn-Lindsey, Barry Mathers.

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Comment by Shalahnia Riversong on January 1, 2012 at 8:54pm

Even now prayers are still needed. Each day, Mother Eath and Water deserve our love sent their way.

Nyah Weh Skenno


Comment by Firewoman on July 7, 2010 at 10:16am
Aho! We will continue our sincerest and purest prayers. Hope and love, Firewoman

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