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20 March 2019

Blessed Equinox, Libra FULL MOON and CIMI the Worldbridger

WE ARE so deLighted to have finally been given the “NOW” to share this breathwork for balancing ALL THAT WE ARE. WE had asked Joie to hold it back for over 20 years, which is when OUR RAINBOW COUNCILS initially downloaded this CIRUMPOLAR NAVIGATION to our ground crew ~ OUR RAINBOW BRIDGE COALITION. WE trust you can appreciate how OUR timing synchronizes with the balancing energies of the EQUINOX , Full Moon, Libra and the Mayan-Galactic Tribe of CIMI. CIMI is OUR Galactic World Bridger! YUMMY!

(From approximately 1995 to 2004, OUR RAINBOW BRIDGE COALITION was how WE referenced our ground crew. WE had two different triads that served as OUR base on Earth. Many other Crew were on field duty. The first triad was located in the Washington, DC area; the second was in Crestone, Colorado. Joie served as the Bridge between each triad, as well as with OUR Higher Frequency Council Representatives and OUR Earth Mother’s children, all of whom had been designated for that particular portion of Our Mission.)

The mechanics of this Breathing/Bridging experience are unique. They will require several different warm-ups, all of which will activate and inspire OUR unified field. Similar to any elite level of activity, one cannot enter at a Master’s level. Please respect these warm-ups, as given. Repeat each as instructed. If, at the end of the sequence, you’re still experiencing some tension or confusion, please continue with that warm-up until you feel at ease.

For this full complement of exercises, WE recommend that you sit upright in a chair, with feet planted firmly on the ground. INHALE through nose; EXHALE through nose or mouth. Once the basic mechanics of the CIRCUMPOLAR RAINBOW BRIDGING have been mastered, we’ll add additional bells and whistles. Let’s give it a month or two. This has been challenging to include all major points by writing rather than speaking. Please contact Joie if stuck.


WARMUP #1 ~ SHOULDER SHRUG: Relatively easy, but body awareness and fine tuning are important. Sit upright on a chair, with feet planted on the ground. Keep neck, jaw and upper back relaxed; move only the shoulders.

  1. INHALE: lift shoulders up to ears. Hold for 4 counts, steadily increasing tension. (Lift-2-3-4 …. 8)
  2. EXHALE: Release tension and allow shoulders to drop quickly. Maintain relaxed position for 4 counts. (Drop-2-3-4 … 8)

Note the distinct difference between the shrug’s tension and the relaxed state. Repeat this sequence 8 times. When you’re at ease with this warmup, increase the breath count from 4 to 8.


WARMUP #2 ~ PRANAYAMA BELLY BREATHING: This is relatively easy but body awareness is essential. This BELLY BREATHING is THE KEY component for breathing OUR entire CIRCUMPOLAR RAINBOW BRIDGE. (Note: for advanced practitioners, this is NOT the Breath of Fire. Maintain a relaxed belly throughout.) Keep your primary focus entirely in the core of your belly-heart during each inhale and exhale. Let the body do what it does naturally.

  1. INHALE slowly for 8 counts, into the core of your belly-heart, allowing it to expand naturally. Check for tension anywhere in body. Release it during your EXHALE (below)
  2. EXHALE slowly for 8 counts, allowing belly to relax naturally.

Repeat this sequence 8 times ~ which we’ll term a ‘cycle’. Gradually increase repeating each cycle of 8, up to 3 times or more.

It is important to notice where your shoulders are throughout. Are they tensing as you inhale? If unable to correct easily, go back and do another sequence of Warmup #1. Are you breathing only into your belly? or is your chest also involved? Are you able to feel your belly expand naturally as you inhale? Are you able to let it expand a little further with each breath without forcing it? Where are your shoulders after you exhale? Remember to keep them ~ and your neck, back and jaw ~ relaxed throughout.


WARMUP #3 ~ STREAMING OUR ENERGIES AND CONSCIOUSNESS TO THE FULL EXTENT OF OUR CENTRAL CHANNEL FROM NORTH POLE TO SOUTH; FROM SOUTH POLE TO NORTH (overall general description) INHALE, flowing OUR energies and consciousness from the highest vibrational point of Unconditional Love that you can envision or imagine. Continue inhaling down yOUR Central Channel into the core of yOUR belly-heart. EXHALE, continuing down yOUR Central Channel into the Crystalline Heart Core Center of Mother Earth. INHALE, returning from Mother’s Heart Core, up the Central Channel, to yOUR belly-heart core. EXHALE on up the Central Channel, returning to Sacred Source.

To Begin: Stretch yOUR awareness up yOUR Central Channel to the highest vibrational frequencies of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE from SACRED SOURCE, that you can envision or imagine.

  1. INHALE for 4 counts, from that highest point above the top of yOUR head. Breathe down yOUR Central Channel into the core of yOUR belly-heart. Allow it to expand naturally, as in #2 Warmup.
  2. EXHALE for 4 counts, from yOUR belly-heart core center, continuing down yOUR Central Channel, out the bottoms of yOUR feet, and on down yOUR roots into the Crystalline Heart Core Center of our Earth Mother. Pause for a moment and feel into the depth of Her UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Anchor yOUR awareness here for a moment.
  3. INHALE, 4 counts, from Earth Mother’s Core, back up yOUR Central Channel, into the Core of yOUR belly-heart. Allow it to expand naturally
  4. EXHALE for 4 counts, from the core of yOUR belly-heart, continuing up yOUR Central Channel, out the top of yOUR head and on up to our Sacred Source of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

Repeat this 1-4 sequence, 8 times. This equals one cycle. As you become more practiced, aim for 3 cycles of 8 (minimum). It is vital that this Warmup #3 become easy and effortless before attempting to navigate our CIRCUMPOLAR RAINBOW BRIDGE. Move on when you’re ready, but don’t hesitate to return to the previous Warmup as many times as needed, to be comfortable.

Okay. Ready? HERE WE GO!!!



Please do not attempt this before learning the previous three (3) Warmups. Continue using 4 counts for inhaling and exhaling, until it flows naturally. When comfortable, switch from 4 to 8 counts.

  1. Beginning ~ SIMULTANEOUSLY ~ from the highest point of OUR Sacred Source AND the deepest point of the Crystalline Heart Core Center of our Earth Mother ~ INHALE through yOUR Central Channel into the core of yOUR Belly-Heart.
  2. EXHALE further into the Core Center of yOUR Belly-Heart.
  3. INHALE even further into Core Center of. yOUR Belly-Heart. Often it will begin to bulge out from the Core.
  4. While still maintaining yOUR Core focal point, EXHALE radially and radiantly, sending yOUR UNITED LOVE out spherically, in all directions, as far as you can and comfortably remain connected from yOUR belly-heart CORE to the outer edge of yOUR sphere.

PAUSE HERE. Repeat #1-4, above, a minimum of 4 cycles before moving on. Are yOUR shoulders, upper back, neck, jaw relaxed? Hands? Thighs?            

  1. INHALE (4 counts) Allow your expanded energies to naturally return to the peak (North pole) and the depth (South Pole) of yOUR Central Core.
  2. EXHALE (4 counts) SIMULTANEOUSLY from yOUR North Pole and yOUR South Pole, through yOUR Central Channel, into the Core of yOUR Belly-Heart.
  3. Allow yOUR energies to reorient themselves to vertical. INHALE from the Core of yOUR Belly Heart.
  4. EXHALE ~ SIMULTANEOUSLY ~ sending yOUR strengthened, LOVE-infused energies up through yOUR Central Channel both to the point of pure, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE from Sacred Source (North Pole), and down to the South Pole, connecting into Mother’s Crystalline Heart Core Center.

REPEAT #5-8, a minimum of 4 cycles, before attempting #1-8 without a break. When you’re ready, switch to the 8-count breath. Be gentle with yOURself. This is not yOUR typical Pranayama.

Please distribute liberally, as guided. Please maintain integrity with the entire sequence, leaving it intact.

THANK US! THANK US ALL!  WE ARE most grateful and deLighted, to be greeting you in this manner!

Y*OUR Rainbow Councils of Love and of Light

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