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AN OPEN MANIFESTO TO AMERICA: A Sacred INVITATION From US To The Indigenous Peoples of the Americas

An Opportunity for Healing and Reconciliation

In 1492, when the European explorers started coming to the beautiful and pristine New World of the Americas in wave after wave, the universe was arranging a very special meeting of the hearts and minds of two very different peoples of the Human Family. The Indigenous Peoples received the “White Man” with open arms, open hearts and a reception fitting for a king. The Europeans were not of the same spirit and had an agenda that prevented them from understanding the true purpose of this divinely ordained reunion.

What ensued was certainly one of the most unfortunate chapters in human history. What could have been one of the greatest exchanges of culture, wisdom, and abundance in recorded time, instead became an exercise in exploitation, stealing of lands and genocide. The true history irrefutably shows, time and time again, that the Native Americans were virtually always on the losing side of this ongoing battle, while the Europeans were on the winning side in the mundane sphere of life.

For many of us European descendants, this ongoing saga is even too painful to write about, so you can imagine how much we share your pain and suffering and anger. Like so many Indigenous Peoples across the world, the legacy of oppression, racism and victimization inflicted by the “White Man” is a stain that will be borne for eons. Because of this, we come to you this day in the spirit of humility, remorse and repentance.

Above all, we come to you to ask for your forgiveness for unspeakable offenses, committed over centuries, against your forefathers and foremothers, as well as your brothers and sisters to this very day. We come to you in peace and love and good will with the hope that we can be reconciled during these end times. Many of us now possess a profound reverence and deep respect for all that you are, and do, and offer to the other races of humankind.

Yours is a destiny that is clearly meant to teach us all about the sacredness of all life, the underlying unity of all peoples, and the divine manifestation in all earthly and heavenly beings. You possess, and practice, a body of ancient and sacred wisdom that we were meant to embrace centuries ago, but failed to understand or appreciate. However, the time has now come for us to come together so that we may receive this wisdom that is necessary to heal and save Mother Earth.

As you all know, we have before us an earthly challenge of epic proportions. The ongoing Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico has presented humankind with an unprecedented opportunity for all of us to come together in prayer and worship as the first and necessary step toward healing our Mother Earth. As She bleeds her lifeblood into the Gulf, and it begins to enter the Atlantic Ocean, the Seven Seas will then be at risk. The future of humanity, therefore, now lies in the balance.

By showing us Her blood in the water, She is alerting us to the necessities before us. As the great caretakers of this land known to us as the Americas, and to you Turtle Island, we understand that it was your wise stewardship and reverence for Mother Nature that ensured the blessed future destiny of North America, and especially of Canada and the United States of America. We fully recognize that our nations have enjoyed a fortunate destiny of abundance and prosperity due to the multi-century sacrifices, respectful practices and wise management of the Indigenous Peoples. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Now it is time for us to come together in the spirit of love and unity and peace. We are all Children of the same Mother Earth, as we are progeny of the same Father Spirit. About this there is no doubt, so it is time for us to stand together in union as we approach the Divine to seek the solutions and answers that will heal our Mother.

We know that the time has come for you to take your rightful place at the table of humankind. We understand that yours is a place of leadership within the community of nations and among the many traditions and tribes around the world. By your extraordinary forbearance, perseverance and patience you have earned this right many times over. You are the rightful heirs to the mantle of planetary stewardship.

One from among you wisely suggested the sacred time surrounding the Summer Solstice as days of prayer and ceremony. The period surrounding the 21st of June is very special to many traditions, particularly within the spiritual traditions of Indigenous Peoples. In response to our initial invitation, Chiefs and Elders have quite generously reciprocated. This has included prayerful reflection and heartfelt consultation at the International Indigenous Leaders Gathering.

Along with ongoing, fruitful discussions and potential collective actions, we have been graciously invited to prayerfully join together during the sacred times of the Summer Solstice. This joining of our hearts and minds creates a global focal point that will draw down the sacred energies from the universe that are desperately needed at this time. These unparalleled and sublime celebrations of Unity have been made possible by the continuous magnanimity of Indigenous Peoples, and for this we are deeply grateful.

Our Dear Brother and Sisters of the Indigenous Peoples of the Americas, and beyond,

Thank you for rising up to this glorious and momentous occasion. A defining moment is before us. May we faithfully seize this day together, and give Mother Earth the great love and respect She deserves. She has been waiting for us to transcend our differences and collaborate as never before to heal Her, ourselves, and every living thing.

May we come together in the spirit of harmony, peace and good will, now and forever.

With deepest respect,

Rev. Dr. Tom Termotto

for Your American Brothers & Sisters

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