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An Arabian Revolution With Global Implications

Dear Relatives,

Our very best to you and your beloved ones are in the very best of health and happiness and our prayer that 2011 will be your best ever.

What is shared in this article by Jack Barnes, from my perspective, has global implications far beyond the League of Arabian Nations. It is about a spiritual transformation taking place that is being led by younger generations of the Human Family,every where on Mother Earth. Younger generations who now make-up more than half of the world's population and growing. Young people who are increasingly influenced by the global reach and information of the digital world and who do not what the past and present societal dysfunctions to continue destroying their future .

There are many more profound global changes yet to come, but to believe that the extremes of wealth and poverty will continue, from my perspective, is to greatly underestimate our younger generations, those yet unborn and the age-old promises of the Ancient Ones! As my father as always use to tell me, " I want to stay around as long as possible so I can see how all of this turns out!"

With Warm and Loving Greetings,

Brother Phil


An Arabian Revolution

By Jack H Barnes


Created 01/14/2011 - 15:38

The League of Arabian states has just experienced its first populist revolution in modern times in Tunisia. The prime minister has announced that he is in control now that the President of the last 23 years or so has fled the nation.  The nation has only experienced 2 leaders during its existence.

There is a long list of national leaders who have to be looking around, wondering if they could be next.  Autocratic dictators, despots and or Presidents for life have always ruled the region.  This changed today when the population of Tunisia over-threw their President.

It appears that the Federal Reserve’s intentional actions of exporting inflation to the world, has claimed its first government.  The people have grown angry watching the very staples of life become to expensive to purchase on meager earnings.

This is but the first of what will probably be many events like this around the world.  The people in mass can be cowed and systematically robbed, but if you take away their food they will rise up quickly.

Marie Antoinette’s supposed comment about “let them eat cake”, and the response of the French masses, is as likely and dangerous today to leaders who fail to understand its meaning, as it was to her health then. The people will respond violently to rapid food inflation costs. Nations will fall.

The inflation in food prices is a worldwide crisis, that is still building.  The heavy rains in Australia and Brazil, will have longer lasting impacts than the global markets are noticing yet.

The worldwide reserve of spare calories is shrinking as we experience global issues in places like Russia, Australia & Brazil.  The US is one of the last nations with any form of strategy food reserves, and we have very very little left.

The price of fresh food is going to continue to increase as the price of energy continues to rise.  As a nation, we have grown use to food being shipped to our grocery stores from all over the world.

New Zealand Apples, or Raspberry’s from Chile, or Mexican Avocado’s our world food supply choices are shipped in bulk using ever more expensive energy.  The western world fiat devaluation process will have real world issues in food prices, in domestic currency terms.  Tunisia will just be the first example.

Nations that have subsidized staples will find the process of introducing real world prices harder and harder as we go forward.  It will cause ever growing examples like Tunisia, where the pent up anger finally finds a subject it can focus on.  The west may be unleashing democracy into the world’s dictatorships via the inflation exportation approach.

Market dynamics will either bankrupt these emerging markets via rising import costs, or their exports will be impacted by the currency wars.

This Arabian Revolution will not be the last, the genie is out now.  Their leaders should be worried about putting the genie back in the bottle.

Confessions of a Macro Contrarian [2]


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Comment by Elvina-Jean Paulson on January 16, 2011 at 1:25pm
I totally agree with Chuck Fraser these natural gifts of Mother Earth have been diminished over time from when the great gravy train ride began with the industrial revolution and before this even.  How explorative operations speedied up the sound vibrations of human interaction and the transmission of satellites provided overwhelming and dominant communique with those global corporate bodies hungry for other countries products and natural resources.  My oh my.  Australia took away the greatest wisdoms when they committed the atrocities upon our Ancestors.  There was a legend that was among the prophetic words that of which was left not lost.  People how they try to be good and are good but when history covers the tracks of the authenticity of Ancestors they shall never hear the words that hold the story of the land.  It was never a burden to be a custodian of Mother Earth it is an honour.
Comment by Shona Williams on January 15, 2011 at 10:02am
I feel good to eventually come from this. May we peacefully endure as the old systems fall to better ones.
Comment by Riva Gordon on January 15, 2011 at 5:56am

Thanks Phil,

Yes, there is so much change all around us, forces of good and not so good. May all being be free from suffering.

All My Relations,


Comment by Chuck Fraser on January 14, 2011 at 4:50pm
it never was a genie, it was authentic democracy, now it is time to liberate, transform, and slow the run away train of globalization down before it jumps the track.  Food, air, water, and the environment, are not for sale or exploitation any longer. We have a planet to save, our home, mother, we are all earthlings, lets start acting like it. Corporations are incapable of stopping themselves, as is an addict hooked on drugs, for them it is greed!! It is not debateable, there needs to be an awakening on all levels of society.  Start with politics, hold them accountable, become active yourself, where ever you are, that is exactly where you are suppose to be, activate, flame-on!! It is time for the old guard to hit the road and enter in the youthful visionaries of Peace and Love. Eden is in hiding, over grown with plants and weeds of hate, pull them away and put them in the fire and behold!!  the emerald planet Earth, our mother.  Just imagine!!!!!!!!!  The trick is, to achieve these concepts, there can be no violence...ballots not bullets!!  the smell of hope, not dope, will lead the way. remember comrades: prozac or pro-action.  The potential is enormous. Poet 911

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