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March of 2006 was very trying times for me. I was stressed to the max over my situation with my children at that time. I was lost and alone. I was loosing myself and didnt know what to do.
When im at a loss and dont know what to do I prey to creator for guidance before I go into my dream space. I put out my intentions and ask for guidance and then I sleep on it. When I awake the next day I act upon my dreams/visions or the first thing that comes to mind when I awaken.
So one night in March of 2006 I preyed to creator. I asked for guidance, I asked for help with focuse, clarity, direction, and understanding. The next morning when I awoke my first thoughts were that I needed to go to mexico, I knew instantly that I needed to go to Mexico for healing. Mexico has always been my healing place. So that day I went and bought a plane ticket to Cancun Mexico and left. I only had a couple hundred dollers and I didnt know where I was going from their or what I was to do, all I knew was that mexico is were I had been directed to and that all I can do is trust that creator will show me the way.
Once I arrived in Cancun I started hitch hiking south towards Tulum as Ive spent time their in the past. Tulum had grown considerably since I had been their last. I hung out for a couple days but felt no need to stay so I headed back north to Playa Del Carmen and wondered around the city. One day I noticed a flyer for an event at Chicheniza on march 21st 2006. The flyer called out to me, I knew that was the way I needed to go, so thats what I did.
At noon on the spring and winter equinox a serpent forms down the staircase of the pyrimid at Chicheniza. It was an amazing event for me and really opened my eyes on the functioning of our planet. While I was their I met a group of travelers. They saw my gear and told me that their were a bunch of travelers renting out a few motel rooms in town and that I was welcome to join them, so I did. When We arrived to the motel their must of been atleast 20 or 30 people between 3 or 4 rooms, the rooms were packed with travelers. It was night so alot of people were already asleep. Their was a few people outside playing music and hanging out so I went and sat down with them. Their was girl sitting accross from me, her name is Brenda. She offered me a very black and mushy banana, I was hesatent on the condition of the banana but I still ate it out of respect, it was probably the best banana I have ever had. Brenda and I connected right away, she only spoke spanish and I only spoke english, but some how we could speak to each other without words. I had never expierenced this with any one before. The next day I left Chicheniza with Brenda and a few others. We were all going to meet up at Ekbalam ( the temple of jaguars). So thats what we did. We stayed their for a few days next to a beautifull cenote. The place did something to me. I was more emotional then I have ever been. I cried for three days strait. On the morning of the fourth day I decided to climb to the top of the temple, no one was around. As I sat on top of the temple crying I closed my eyes and started oming. I did this for about 45 min. or so. Over that time I noticed that my om was getting louder and more intense. I eventually opened my eyes and to my suprise their was 15-20 people sitting around me oming. When I saw this I broke down crying even more. It was a beautifull moment that I will never forget. When I got back to camp one of the girls I was traveling with, Crystal, said she wanted to talk to the group. She said she was hanging out at the cenote and met a shaman named Seven Wolves. Seven Wolves told Crystal that he would like to invite us to one of two ceremonies. One was a rebirthing ceremony where he drives a spike through you and kills you and then brings you back to life. The other ceremony was an Iawaska ceremony. Seven wolves asked Crystal to discuss it with the group and if we were interested to meet him in San Miguel in the yucatan, their was to be a reggee festival their the following weekend. He said that he would have to sit down with us individually and do a screening on us to see if we could handle the ceremony. I chose to do the Iawaska ceremony. So we all went to San Miguel and met with Seven Wolves. He asked me what my intentions for the ceremony was. I told him that I did not know what my intentions for the ceremony was but my intentions for coming to Mexico was for focuse, clarity, direction and understanding. After our talk he invited me to go to Tulum for the Iawaska ceremony. He instructed us to to stay as pure as possible, no red meat, no sugar, no sex and no mind altering substances four days pryor or four days after the ceremony and to bring atleast a liter of water with us to the ceremony.
When we arrived at the beach in Tulum the sun was working on going to sleep. Their was a generator going that was really loud, and the energy was extreemly intense, so intense that no one else in the group was willing to walk down the trail to the beach where the ceremony was being held. The rest of the group decided that it was to intense already and chose not to do the ceremony that night. So I continued on down the trail by myself. The trail went through the jungle and came out to a palapa/hut on the beach where the ceremony was being held. When I entered the palapa I was instructed to go in to my left (clock wise). We sat in the order we came in. Their was already 12 other people in the palapa, I was the 13th. Two more people came in after me, so their was 15 people total in the ceremony. Along three walls were benches for beds all the way around. Seven Wolves instructed us that durring the ceremony to try and stay seated up, dont touch anyone as it interups the energy flow of the group, keep our eyes closed, when we yawn to cover our mouths as this to disrupts the energy flow, and to continue to repeat our intentions in our heads through out the ceremony. Seven wolves had long black hair, long black beard and had on a white robe. He sat in the center of the room and had us come up to him in the order we entered the room. Once agin he asked our intentions for the ceremony and then had us drink the Iawaska. Once everyone took the medicine Seven Wolves started chanting and dancing around the room with some sort of shakers and some feathers. It was not long before I started to feel the effects of the medicine. I felt great, I felt calm and at ultimate bliss. I could hear the ocean, it was calm, I could hear Seven Wolves chanting and shakin his shakers to the rythem of the ocean. Soon my blissfull feeling began to go away. I began to feel uncontent, I began to feel afraid, I began to feel lost. Seven wolves shaker was getting louder, at the same time the waves of the ocean began getting louder, this continued and everything just kept getting louder and more intense. The next thing I knew someone started freaking out about their family. My trip was so intense, I wanted it to stop, I wanted to die so it could be over. At this point Seven Wolves goes over to the person freaking out, he keeps chanting but somehow at the same time he goes over to the individual freaking out and does a seperate chant misting him with some sort of sprey bottle. He does this untill that individual calms down and the energy of the group has settled down. As the individual is calming down, the shakers get quiter, the waves of the ocean begin to calm and our trip begins to calm. Before I knew it I was completely relaxed but very drained. After this he has us take a drink of our water, while doing so he says "drink lots of water, water is purification and to follow our heart, our heart is sacred". After this we start agin. Seven Wolves starts dancing around, chanting, shaking his shakers. Once agin I feel I feel at ultimate bliss, the ocean is calm, everything is great. Soon I begin to feel uncontent, afraid, and lost. Everything begins to become intense agin, the shakers start to become louder, the waves of the ocean become more intense and then someone begins to freak out agin and I began to feel the most horrible feeling ever and just wanted to die. Once agin Seven Wolves goes over to the individual freaking out and does a seperate chant and mist them in the face with his sprey bottle untill that individual calms down. Once agin I feel completely relaxed but very drained, and then we drink our water while Seven Wolves is saying "drink lots of water, water is purification and to follow our heart, our heart is sacred". Some how Seven Wolves was controlling all of our energies at the same time. We soon came to relize that we were all feeling every single emotion that the person that was freaking out was feeling, we were going through it with them, we were all one, everything, us the ocean, the shakers ect... everything stayed intense untill that one individual that was freaking out came to terms with their issues at hand and surrendered to them. Once they surrendered then everything calmed back down, then we would drink our water while being reminded to drink lots of water, water is purification and to follow our heart, our heart is sacred. We repeated this process for 16 hours. Over time we all began to acknowledge the pattern that was taking place. One lady was freaking out about her grandmother and simply would not surrender to her issues at hand, she draged it on for the longest time and the intensity of the ceremony was unbearable. Everyone begged her to surrender so it could stop. Adventually she surrendered. All 15 of us went through it, and the ceremony simply would not stop untill each individual came to the understanding that we are all interconnected and are effecting one another, and that if we wanted the intensity to stop then we needed to surrender to our issues at hand, mine was my children. After everyone went through their purification process we all still had our eyes closed. I could see a door at the bottom of a stair case, everything was a pinkish purpelish color. I began to float down the stairs, the door opened. As I entered through the door Seven Wolves said to the group, "congratulations, you have now entered the spirit world". I could hear music, drums, fluits ect... I saw lots of horses, vines and fruit everywhere. It was the most blissfull feeling that i have ever felt to this day. After this Seven Wolves lit a candle and had everyone open their eyes. Apparently I didnt hear him and I kept going with my ceremony. I remember seeing a green emerald in my third eye and I was trying to get to it, I was almost their when I heard Seven Wolves saying, "Lobo! Lobo! Come back to us", then I noticed the candle light through my eye lids and snaped out of it. When I opened my eyes everyone was staring at me, then Seven Wolves said that he would like us to introduce ourselves and explain our purpose for being their. It turns out that all 15 of us came to Mexico for the same reason, we were all having family problems. 15 people from all different parts if the world were having family problems, were stressed to the max and felt the need to go to mexico but did not know why or where to go. We spoke for awhile before I realized that everyone was speaking different languages but we all understood each other fluently, their was no language barrier between us...
I wright this because I see clearly that this ceremony is happening agin but on a global scale. We are currently in the depths of our purification process. We are all interconnected and are effecting one another. We are all on this intense roller coaster ride together and it simply will not stop untill every single person drops their ego, acknowledges that we are interconnected and surrender to the things that are hindering us. We are all one family weather we like it or not, we are all interconnected energetically, everything, not just humans and we must help each other get though these times by helping them understand, even if its just by educating, as most people just simply lack the knowledge. When the collective energy, meaning the majority of the human population on this planet, gets intense by selfishness, greed, hate, curruption, ego, controll, depression, loneliness, ect... (Unbalanced) then it begins to effect everything, it shakes the earth causing earth quakes, hurricains, volcanic erruptions ect... It creates caos! The longer we choose to not surrender is the longer we keep everyone else on this intense roller coaster ride, and the more we shake the earth. Its up to us on how far we choose to take this, how much caos and destruction we choose to create through our actions before we finally choose to surrender and enter into a whole new reality, a blissfull paridice that is already within our hearts :)
You see, you cant run away from this. You can try and advoid it, you can push others away to try and stay in your own little blissfull bubble, but all you are really doing is prolonging it and making every one else suffer for that much longer. Its ok to step away from others and allow them time to gather theirselves and understand but you can never completely disconnect energetically, as we are all connected. We are all in one big ceremony right now, so please treat it as so. I can only hope that my words and my experience touch others, and give them the knowledge and understanding on what to do. You are all my family, and we are all one! I love all of you unconditionally! :)

Drink lots of water, water is purification and follow your heart, your heart is sacred! :)

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