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Native life as perceived from non-native lineage

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make it up as i go along

I consider myself a native of north america - cuz I AM a native of north america - but i'm not so sure about my ancestors, i'm pretty sure we were just starving peasants from scotland.

One thing I've noticed is all the cool ceremony native indians in north america use -

My parents were not into ceremony, so i felt bereft - but only sort of.  When this thought first occurred to me I realized that there's no time like the present for me to START ceremony and tradition in my life & because I have no preconceived notions handed down I could make up any ol' thing I want.  YES !!! 

We didn't do anything extreme for these end-of-year holidays tradition-wise, but every morning and every evening I try to celebrate and make into a ceremony the day - the beginning and the end, recognizing the 4 main elements, the 4 directions, and also sky father and earth mother and all my grandmas and grandpas (which is pretty much everything else) ~ Universe seemed to indicate to me that relics and recitation is not necessary, some people may need that, but for me - I'm good to make up whatever I want. 

I feel like i am often flippant and not serious about these subjects that are very serious and deep, but I surely do not want to offend anybody - so PLEASE do not take offense if I type immature things.

Also - just fyi, my Mayan astrological signature is Yellow Self-existing Sun ... I also learned over these past years that most of my spiritual life will be flying solo - i was not the least surprised to learn i was "self-existing" - so the fact that this group FWII is here and I am allowed to be part of it, is like the biggest gift to me -

thanks to all y'all

and merriest happiest prosperous fun excellent 2013 to everyone with peace and love on and off Earth ♥♥♥♥

below:  the back yard and forest seen from the kitchen door here where we stay - winter snow

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Healing the mind-body split 5 Replies

Greetings and thank you for opening this discussion.  Like you, I look white yet my quest for balance and wisdon in this life has brought me mach information and given me many gifts.  Right now I am…Continue

Started by Colleen Krinard. Last reply by Paul Tobin-Coyote Song Feb 22, 2013.

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Comment by amy rigg on August 16, 2012 at 5:08am
Comment by amy rigg on August 15, 2012 at 7:41am

 In my life, I never learned any real meaningful ceremonies, no customs or handed down rituals.  But I've found as I've gotten more aged that I have li'l shrines to Nature all around inside and outside the house here.  One is a shrine with my dead mother's ashes (my dead dad's ashes got scattered & i was too young to be able to save any) and pine cones.  Also, the rocks and feathers at the base of my computer monitor ♥ i may not have the traceable ancestry and rituals, ceremonies that go along with an intact culture, but I am improvising and making things up as I go along - honoring the Red Road, the spiritual.  i love you.

Comment by amy rigg on August 14, 2012 at 6:17am

 a pretty prism heart rainbow on my wall - I love you ♥ there, that's my vibe for today, it's all i got ; )

now I better toddle on to work, ttys ♥

Comment by amy rigg on August 14, 2012 at 6:15am

Here is something I learned from native american wisdom that seemed like perfect, self-evident Truth.  What so many humans call god or allah, the native americans called Wakan Tanka.  When I learned the translation of that is "Great Mystery" I thought how acurate it is.  It seems many religions want to have Wakan Tanka be a single entity, like the old white guy wearing white, big ol' white beard, living in the clouds.  Then I learned of mitakuye oyasin, and that feels so right - yeah, we are all li'l pieces of one big whole, which led me to think we are all li'l pieces of Wakan Tanka, the Great Mystery is all us and everything.  So I contemplated that that means me and the evilest evil, the nastiest boogie man in my mind, are one and the same.  The evilest human entity ever produced in my mind is Adolf Hitler & if mitakuye oyasin is true, then me and adolf are related.  Eeewww, what a thought.  AND, we are supposed to love everyone - even Adolf ??  Well.  I can easily say if I HAVE to love adolf hitler, then i guess i can, because really - what has adolf ever done to me personally?  Nothing at all, I've only heard about him.  But it does make me grateful that I am the incarnation that I am, a little ol' female white-ish human and not adolf hitler.  I love you.  Thank you.  I hope today is beautiful and free of suffering for every thing ♥

Comment by amy rigg on August 13, 2012 at 9:26am

Hail Colleen Krinard - Thanks for your acknowledgement all around ♥ I am so still living in the commerce society, grateful as I am to have a job, but I like my job so I am lucky.  I definitely am a spoiled white american female and I can't deny i LOVE the convenience of automatic fire and water being in where I dwell (hot & cold running water comes right out of the tap).  Also fire for the convenience of electricity.  I honor The Great Mystery (Wakan Tanka), the 4 directions, the 4 elements, the 4 peoples - every day.  I want to integrate the cool conveniences with ancient Truth and make reality sweet ~ for everyone.  But the only change I can make is here where I am.  I recently learned that white people are supposed to be caretakers of water, like red people are supposed to be caretakers of Earth.  I think of big fat oil mess in Gulf of Mexico and nuclear dumps in Kara Sea (way up north near siberia and arctic), it breaks my heart and makes me mad and makes me feel totally impotent because what in the world can a middle-aged, slowed down, poor female do to fix THAT insanity ???  what ??  what ???  o, I know.  nothing.  BUT, in the spirit of clean healthy Water cherished by all humans, I cleaned the refrigerator instead, and walked up to the corner with my son picking up all the garbage.  I hope it works, I hope it helps. 

and ...

until next time (hopefully manana) ~ I love you.  Thank you.  I honor your life and my own ♥ YAY Keep living kids, play and have fun ~ gently ♥


Comment by amy rigg on August 12, 2012 at 6:41am


I love you ... always good to start something new with love i'd guess, the most strong positive-est energy.

Just to let you know ... I consider myself 100% pure native american.  I was born right here on Turtle Island so I feel that qualifies me to be a native.  My familial heritage however seems pure white people.  I say "seems" because I cannot trace my heritage fully, my mama and daddy always assumed themselves to be "white" so that's what I thought at first.  Any more I think the average "American" to be some kind of mutt ... we are all mixed together now - some, like me mostly look white or native american or black and mostly identify with that certain group ~ but in the past mists of time most people have mixed ancestry & I hear that is what Turtle Island is all about - mixin' it up ♥ This trip here on FWII is just me exploring how we are all gona work it out for a better future.  I've always related to native american indians and I don't totally understand why but I'll contemplate celebrating that next time ♥ have fun kids, go gently.  Thank you {I bow in great respect to your life} mmmmmmMUAH xoxoxo


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