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-You have been with me on a Buffalo Days conversation today-as I posted on our facebook page
 David Williams was having a conversation about the upcoming Unity Summit he is organizing
At the Hopi Cultural Center Aug 20-28.  I know some have perceived him as a "bulldozer"
But he comes to me on this honest, integrous, (albeit a bit difficult to listen to at times) vibe.
A well intentioned soul who  is all about Uniting people who had 6 very respectable guests who will be presenting their piece at this summit which will be recorded so we can share.  Actually we need some force that  breaks through; then bridges the cultural gaps which separate us.
I could hear your voices as I am immersed in how this is since David's line for whatever reason did not connect.  WE used the Butterfly Peace Bridge line that Bob and I had calls on for a while and intend to resume this fall-a forum in which to tell this story of how the Peace Maker teachings returned to the world, and the beautiful souls that  are leading humanity into the 6th sun.
Thanks for your time-any desire to enter into the return of Pte Oyate conversations-let me know and I will relay the next session which i think may be Robert Mendleson speaking soon.  I shall listen and relay my interpretation of what I discover.  The conference line number is 712-432-1500 333514# if you feel nudged to call in.

In Peace,

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Thank you Sister Cate,

I am not sure what Buffalo Days are, the  link on the fb page didn't work.  What I am wondering is what is the relationship between Buffalo Days and the Unity Summit. <3 _()_ <3     ~ S ~

Thanks Shalnia for commenting-actually he has been calling this gathering both.
I can add you to a page on FB
People are gathering in so many different ways everywhere.
Just bringing awareness to the fact that MIracle came along in 1994.  
MaryKate delivered Miracle from Montana to Wisconsin.  It is what bought her through the hills.
I have hair from this buffalo in a little pouch and actually as it happened just gave MK David's phone number today.

If there is truth it always shows itself-So I just watch and listen and follow my internal compass.
I was thinking this could be a really productive forum to share who knows what potential discussion about this new spring brother Phil is always speaking of....and feeling the Big Love we are moving towards.


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