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What kind of value do you place on using the Internet as a source of democratic participation in media? With tools such as community networks and blogs, people can become producers of information, using the Internet for civic engagement, education, cultural prosperity and community development. How do we discover better ideas for using media to change human relationships?

I'm finding that the people who need representation most, may not necessarily have their interests represented on the internet. Communities need access to diverse and meaningful content in order for the Internet to have relevance. I guess we could look at this as growing online culture...

How can online culture be made more accessible to people not ordinarily accustomed to it? How can new media be inclusive of people with physical impairments or low literacy skills (and other general diversity traits)?

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Scott, thanks for starting this discussion. I posted a video here on the site last night that is a must see. It deals with the issues you mention and offers a deeper understanding of what is happening culturally.
I recommend Jon Ramer's video You-Tube post to anybody who has not seen it yet. I think it speaks to the question. I was in stitches, dancing, crying, and most of all feeling a part of world culture. This sort of information is what I came to receive so that I can become more connected with the human family. While I am literate in the since that I can read, write and speak clearly I am not yet literate in this sort of media and how to use it. The applications I see for You-Tube are educational, allow access to people with mobility issues and allow expression regardless of education, age or location. I found myself thinking about how to get access to people who don't have access to the internet through equipment or know how. Maybe some other council is taking up that question but it should be addressed.


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