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"Integration is Innovation" - Indig.e.Net docs from Greg Jackson

There are a number of documents being developed to help articulate the vision, mission,
purpose, goals, and outcomes for Indig.e.Net. Attached to this discussion are two recent documents from Greg Jackson.

1. The Crossroads Skilled2Succeed -- this is a summary document intended to be a basis for discussion. Greg identifies potential strategic partners, puts forward a theme - "integration is innovation", a mission, potential sources of funding, and a pilot project that is focused on establishing a presence at Ciudad del Saber and s proposed Panama City of knowledge project.

2. Supporting Framework and Information -- this document is intended to serve as a supplement to offer further clarification and definition of Indig.e.Net. It includes a phased diagram, an architectural diagram, and a list of potential services.

Certainly the basis for some very fruitful discussions! Thank you, Greg!

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