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Earth Tech. is about technologies that are earth friendly or are reflect the use of natural systems. The hope is to empower you and provide a forum where you can develop your ideas, form research and development groups and launch new enterprises.

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Eduen - Putting U in the middle of Eden

Dome it! is actually part of the Eduen Federation - a collection of sustainable companies, technologies, individuals and innovations working together under one umbrella. Eduen - Putting U in the middle of Eden.

The idea is to build experiential, ecological teaching villages around the world. Each village will have some of the same components like dome/gardens and waste mangement facillities, but they will differ depending on which services each location can bare. Eduen has a buffet of alternative health and energy choices to consider when community planning.

Here is the initial vision for the first 33 acre Eduen slated for Gresham, Oregon.

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Vision for Earth Tech 1 Reply

I believe that by working with and respecting natural processes and cycles new technologies can be developed for the common good.  Some of these technologies exist already and some are being…Continue

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Four World Councils “Heritage Ambassador Team” for Native Am Community Festivals at NC/PA/MD/VA Geography with a Children’s Festival add-on ? 7 Replies

  Today, I did a quick internet search in my Virginia community to see how many “Native American Community Festivals” takes place in our region ! I must say I am startled at The amzing strong…Continue

Started by waldenthree coordinator. Last reply by Denise Martin Aug 9, 2010.

Dome it! for fresh foods 10 Replies

Our consciousness is directly related to our consumption and our consumption dictates business and politics on the planet. By eating fresh, whole, locally grown foods we can get closer to spirit and…Continue

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Make it Yours

There are so many things we can discuss and I fully intend for us to bring as much variety into the conversation as possible, at the same time, I know that there are areas of interest that you want…Continue

Started by Russell F Cowgill Jan 23, 2010.

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Comment by Carol Petersen on July 23, 2010 at 9:05pm
Beloved Denise
I honor your dream, I honor you. I honor this team. You are sacred. I find trust here. I find purity. This is a good place to grow. I love you.

May all walk in beauty
Comment by Denise Martin on July 23, 2010 at 10:57am
I was a prisoner of domestic violence until I accepted that I am the God I am seeking and I don't have to play the victim. When I owned my divinity, my abuser was powerless. I do not believe in prisoners. When I went to jail for four days protecting my son, I deeply evaluated my philosophy of "No victims, only choices." It held up for me. My spirit chose to be there because the woman who touched my life during those four horribe days need someone as outspoken and savvy as me to help them step up and out. Our beliefs shape our reality.

You sell me short to say I won't get to know your community. I give all that I have to give after caring for my young son to networking with like-minded communities around the world. Please tell me more about yours and link me up to whatever datat I can consume. Whatever you are doing, I wish you blessed success. Really gotta go, but so appreciate the discussion.
Comment by Denise Martin on July 23, 2010 at 10:49am
Thanks Russell. By the way. Phil and Carol and I have a mutual friend - Michael Short. Michael is bringing many blessings to FWII with his massive brain and commited heart. He is also assisting Dome it! and Eduen with our global community building plan and working with the UN on their internet presense. We are so blesssed.

I look forward to meeting you soon too Russel. FWII is a breath of fresh air for me. I'm tired of chatting for chatting sake. I want to forward solutions. Thank you for starting and stewarding this group Russell. Thank you for jumping in with a committed voice Waldenthree. And all my love to Carol who has birthed me into this community. We are one!

Comment by waldenthree coordinator on July 23, 2010 at 10:44am
thanks. i don't know about your organizaton, it's true and may not fully appreciate your vision. But, i must say you likely know little about our community here in Virginia either, nor are you expected to do so. I usually like to avoid such a term as you have used "middle classs white' . Racial terms as this is not very meaningful in the future I think. I don't know what is this 'term' in the context of my own community here in Northern Virginia any longer today. less so even tomorrow. Secondly, whether you like it not, each of us is a 'prisoner' of our culture and our genetic inheritance.
But in America, i hope you can live the life of any culture you wish, and I am glad to know of your choice and do respect it as i do for any other fellow American, and infact anywhere else where such a choice is valued !.

Your 'prison' and mine is still be there no matter how you chose to live !
This is waht we know from scientific knowledge so far of human behavior and increasing, of the knowledge that we have gained recently about our 'genes' recenlty !
Comment by Russell F Cowgill on July 23, 2010 at 10:42am
I am encouraged that this dept of discussion is taking place here. If I have any complaints about social networking it is that people talk at one another. My involvement here caused me to find real people who are involved in my community. I am excited at the role Denise is filing in her community and how effectively she has worked with others to bring an idea into reality. I hope to meet her very soon as we work as geographical neighbors and are involved in complimentary work. There is room for many approaches to the problems we face but one goal that we share because our lives depend on it.
Comment by Denise Martin on July 23, 2010 at 10:27am
PS - Gotta go. Busy planning my August 7th event. All my love....denise
Comment by Denise Martin on July 23, 2010 at 10:25am
Of course I want any and all help I can get. I'm not an authority on community building. I am a visionary trying to blaze a new trail. But you dont know enough about my organizations (I have a whole network of them) to assume it won't work.

My problem with your last post is this - In my opinion - take it for that and that only - we have to stop all the separatist language like "My people" and "Their culture." We are all Earthlings! We are one people and one culture and we are each going to customize whatever information and technologies that come our way to our individual flavor. A Cherokee doesn't necessarily live the way other Cherokees live. I don't live like the majority of white, middle class Americans and don't want people making decision for me based on my "Culture." There is room for individuality in any culture that embraces equal human rights. And there are ways to embrace community among those with varied lifetyles. We are ONE!
Comment by waldenthree coordinator on July 23, 2010 at 10:11am
I wish you success of course in your vision.

but don't see how something tangible can come tha can be an example based on what you have said so far. based on your vision. I think America is a nation of many cultures and many many thnic voices. I am part of one such ethnic voice, and have chosen to go back to the wisdom of my own culture, in food particularly, supplemented by scientific knowledge.

I think many othrs like me in my community in Northern Virginia are doing the same, ie, going back to the food 'wisdom' of their own culutre. This i tihnk is a wodnerful trend that can be encouraged by new media as is being done to some extent now.

Also want to clarify your perception about 'one acre at a time'. This is not my intent. "Knowledge economy' is not bult on going back to the farm, one acre at a time or all of hundreds of r 19th century religioous community experiments, that have failed. But there is a lessor of history here also. Amish in PA & IN are a 'religious commuity', they are also wonderful smalll farmers, They have survived as a religious community, though now struggling. Why did they succeeed in surviving as a religous community, when most of the others who started a religious commuity based on farming and religious faith, have disappeared ? (By the Shakers in New England, still has a rememnant left, but they will likely not survivie beyond the current generation as i can assess as an outsider.

If you have some interest on a 'demo project' developmetn using the tools that i know how to use, and knowledge and social capital available.

let's talk one on one , for better clartiy. thanks.

I will send you an email when i get a chance to start the possible 'community to commuity ' connection if possible when i get a chance. thanks.
Comment by Denise Martin on July 23, 2010 at 9:51am
I appreciate your sage advice, and I don't agree. We don't have time to do it one acre at a time anymore. Our Mother is very sck from our behaviors. We have to educate and empower people enmasse or we're toast. Dome it! is gearing up to harness network TV. That is why we have included the White House lawn in our campaign. It brings national media interest and controversy to our publicity campaign. And respectfully, it is already working beyond our expectations. I have people stepping up from all over the country to help and insisting that I NOT PAY THEM until the movement is very flush. We reached out, the individuals and communities communities are reaching in. I've been building my online network for three years. Like community TV - it is a fulltime job and my efforts are seeing results. God is big. Think big! Love and gratitude...denise
Comment by waldenthree coordinator on July 23, 2010 at 9:20am
your comment: Our hope is to start shifting our cultural eating disorder by information distribution via the internet

Discussion: This is a 'unrealstic goal' and not feasable unless you have the power of 'commericial television behind you. If you did have the 'commerical television' behind you with their might, then that will be a conflict with your vision as i undestand it.

Possible solution: Go back to 'wisdom' , and design your process based on what is known about "Nature vs Nurture' and the human evolutionary experience of small band existence in most of our human history.

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